Offers participatory mini-loan for small amounts

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Dedicated to the creation of mini-loans, is a participatory platform that appeals to more and more individuals. It allows you to borrow small amounts of money to pay an unexpected bill or make an urgent purchase.

What is a participative loan?


Crowdfunding has been a great success on the web for several years. At the time, My Major Company made itself known to the general public with a solution allowing those who wished to fund artists to hope for a return on investment if successful.

There are different varieties of participatory platforms to support creative projects. These platforms are also accessible to individuals to support their personal projects. Among the most recognized, we can mention. But these platforms require the borrower to publicly justify the legitimacy of his project to find and convince the maximum of financiers who hope to eventually get a return on investment. In fact, it is neither more nor less than a fundraiser.

For companies, or for individuals who do not wish to communicate publicly about the reasons for their request to raise funds, there are also crowdfunding platforms on which it is not necessary to prove the legitimacy of its request. In this case, the borrower will have to fill out a classic request with the desired amount, the preferred repayment terms as well as these financial possibilities (which will have to be proven with the requested documents). It is then the platform that will study the request and decide whether or not to grant the requested funds. Thus, only repayment capabilities come into play and do not make applicants dependent on the success of their application on the web.

Individuals as lenders

Individuals as lenders

You will understand, here it is not a bank that finances the loan application, but many individuals. As for savings, we will entrust a certain amount to the crowdfunding platform that will disperse the funds as it sees fit and when it comes to recovering the stake, interest will be added. Lender status will depend on the platform chosen and the amount of money you choose to invest. Thus, we will take the time to compare the different platforms to know the risks of an investment and the interests that we can hope to perceive.

The themes are also variable, if the assistance to enterprises of the VSE / SME type or artisans represents the largest part of the existing offers, there are also platforms dedicated to loans for individuals, but also to environmental projects, agricultural sectors or viticultural, associative, regional projects, etc. Just choose your preference!

Why does make the difference?

Why does make the difference?

To differentiate itself from other platforms and offer an offer more in line with the expectations of individuals, specializes in the offer of mini-loan is 600 € maximum. The repayment period will also be shorter and extends to 3 months maximum for a rate ranging from 1 to 3%. Indeed, the project by observing a “gap between the financing needs most frequently encountered by individuals […] and the loan offer largely focused on large sums, with long-term commitments explained the company to Hello Finance.

In addition, students, freelancers or those who do not have a CDI-type contract will be perfectly eligible for this type of loan, whereas banks are usually not inclined to lend to this type of reputable profiles. not very creditworthy. With more than 400 projects funded since early 2016, there is no typical profile that emerges : “The use cases are diverse, even if our customers have in common to be quite young, from the student who wants to finance the purchase of a bike to deliver to the young employee who is not yet on permanent contract and who needs to finance a move. ” On the lender’s side, the platform hopes to offer a return on investment of 3%, but does not have enough perspective to guarantee this figure.

How does it work?

The loan application is very easy to make and is completely online. We will begin by taking a few minutes to complete the application by providing information such as his IBAN, his ID, his credit card numbers and login credentials to his bank account. 24 hours later, will receive a positive or negative response. If accepted, an email confirming the acceptance of the loan will be sent and after clicking on the link, it will suffice to wait 24 hours again to see the amount credited to his account. The refund will be made every 30 days from the date of acceptance of the loan and will last 1, 2 or 3 months depending on the chosen repayment terms.