1 hitter hits Marcus Stroman this year

There is only one hitter in baseball this season that has had much success against New York Mets starter Marcus Stroman. Although Stroman has played against many teams throughout the year, he cannot avoid facing this guy every time.

Who is he and why is he essential? Do the teams troll and put the guy on waivers and then claim him just before Stroman leaves?

Major League Baseball is full of conspiracy theories this year, but this one isn’t one of them. The striker dealing constant damage to Stroman does not have a soul. It’s a collection of guys. All beat third in the line-up.

Three-hole hitters do more damage than anyone against the Mets starter

Each batter, at one point, will hit somewhere between 1 and 9 in sequence. They may have started. They may have been replaced. Regardless of how they got to the plaque, they are assigned one of these numbers.

Stroman had some fantastic numbers against almost all of them. The clean-up hitters hit 0.229 / 0.260 / 0.354 against him with a pair of home runs. The five-hole hitters did the most home run damage with four dingers, but only a .222 / .271 / .533 slash line.

At the top of the order, the header hitters hit 0.265 / 0.327 / 0.306 against the Mets starter. They were second best against him with every other berth in the lineup at 0.229 or less. The only exception: guys who hit third.

The number three hitters had a solid 18 for 50 against Stroman. This corresponds to a .360 / .373 / .500 batting line. I don’t know what it is, but Stroman took until his last outing to put out a guy at bat third. Perhaps he should take that into account more often when examining the damage they have caused.

It’s hardly shocking to see number three hitters causing so much chaos. In many formations, they are the best player on a team. They will have a mixture of power, averaging and patience.

What stands out is how much better the guys who reached third place compared to all the other places in the order. There are 93 points in the batting average separating them from the guys taking the first hack. Without rhyme or reason for it, there is unfortunately not much that Stroman can do to correct his other than maybe conscious.

For comparison, Jacob deGrom (it’s not fair to compare the two!) Limited number three hitters to just 2 hits in 36 at-hits. They hit .057 / .132 / 0.057 against him. An added bonus to his dominance: both hits were singles.

In case you’re curious, the number five hitters did the most damage against the Mets ace, from a slant line perspective. They reached .235 / .250 / .382 in 36 opportunities.

The Headhitters have had an interesting season against deGrom. They have a pair of homers and doubles plus a treble against him. However, no guy who strikes first in the lineup has done what many leading men do so well: shoot a goal. All other points in sequence against deGrom have seen the ball four at least once.

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