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September 2022

Petawawa ties baseball playoff with Pembroke behind Nathan Clouthier shutout

Breadcrumb Links Sports local sports Publication date : Sep 10, 2022 • 35 minutes ago • 3 minute read • Join the conversation Petawawa pitcher Nathan Clouthier uncorks a…				</div>
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Los Angeles Dodgers-San Diego Runs

The Dodgers first. Mookie Betts hits while swinging. Trea Turner hits while swinging. Freddie Freeman shoots in the center of the field. Will Smith introduces himself to Wil Myers.1 run, 1 hit, 0 error, 0 remaining. Dodgers 1, Padres…

Miami-Atlanta Races

Brave third. Eddie Rosario chooses in the center of the field. Ronald Acuna Jr. doubles to deep left field. Eddie Rosario at third. Dansby Swanson on a sacrificial fly to deep center field to Peyton Burdick. Ronald Acuna Jr. in third…