A Complete List of All League Picks for Baseball Players in Butler County – Butler County Times-Gazette

With the 2021-22 spring seasons officially over, all leagues have started publishing their all-league selections which are chosen by coaches in their respective divisions and leagues. You cannot vote for your own players, so the coaches choose the best players they have played against this season.

It’s everything that was sent to the Butler County Times-Gazette or found online. If anything was missed, please let us know so we can correct it.

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Andover’s Branden Klusener takes the awards this spring. PHOTO: Charles Chaney/BCTG

First Team Class 5A All-State & Game of All States KABC 2020

Brandon Klusener, senior

AVCTL-II First Team

Brandon Klusener, senior

AVCTL-II Second Team

Brooks Allen, sophomore; Drew Torgerson, second year

Honorable Mention AVCTL-II

Colton Blair, Jr.; Brenden Buseman, junior; Hunter Miller, Jr.; Brody Kasel, senior; Peyton White, second year

Andover Central

First Team Class 5A All-State

Cooper Tabor, senior

AVCTL-II First Team

freshman Jace Jefferson; Cooper Tabor, senior

AVCTL-II Second Team

Rece Wilson, senior; Lou Blackman, senior

Honorable Mention AVCTL-II

Maddox Archibald, freshman; Bryce Naipohn, senior


AVCTL-III Second Team

Kaden McDaniel, junior; Shane McGuire, sophomore; Cannon Carey, junior; Morgan Livingston, senior; Hunter Henderson, senior; Gavin Kiser, second year

Honorable Mention AVCTL-III

Kaden Kearney, senior; Dominick Rios, senior; Cayden High Barger, Jr.


Tri-Valley League First Team

Landon Wilson, senior; Gaven Worrel, Jr.


AVCTL-III First Team

Jake Hagemann (1B), senior

AVCTL-III Second Team

Lane Willhite, senior; Blaine Bourne, Jr.; Landon Haines, sophomore; Jake Hagemann (P), senior

Honorable Mention AVCTL-III

Kreede Sheppard, senior; Caleb Freed, senior; Cooper Chadwell, Jr.


Central Plains League First Team

Brady Roberts, senior

Honorable Mention Central Plains League

Dylan Damron, senior; freshman Jace Pichler; Jordan Stoffel, Jr.


Second Team 4A All-state

Drew Veatch, junior pitcher and middle fielder

Honorable Mention 4A All-State

Jaydon Sundgren, senior

AVCTL-III First Team

Trip Baker (2B), senior; Jaydon Sundgren, senior

AVCTL-III Second Team

Gannon White, Jr.; Drew Veatch (pitcher and shortstop), junior

Honorable Mention AVCTL-III

Miles Stringer, senior; Rhett Briggs, sophomore; Trip Baker (P), senior


South Central Border League First Team

Hunter Lowmaster, junior

Honorable Mention South Central Border League

Jackson Houseman, senior; Cael sorum, senior


Heart of America First Team

Braden Scribner, senior; Duke Kinley, senior

Heart of America Second Team

Sterling Lies, sophomore; Dylan Margreiter, Jr.

Honorable Mention Heart of America

Josiah Claassen, junior; Freshman Kole Klaassen, Senior Evan Claassen

Pink Hill

AVCTL-IV First Team

Chase Green, senior

Second team AVCTL-IV

Scotty Car, second year; Jayden Jones (P), junior; Cameron Mock, second year

Honorable Mention AVCTL-IV

Sophomore Cooper Nace; Kyle Howerton, senior; Jayden Jones (C), junior; Jarrett Jones, second year

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