Akeal Hosein on the importance of spinners in the Abu Dhabi T10 League

We had the chance to sit down with the Delhi Bulls players during the Abu Dhabi T10 League and talk about their chances during the tournament.

Q: Akeal, thank you very much for doing this. I just wanted to check with you, as a spinner do you think a spinner is as important in the short format as it can be in the longer format?

AH: Definitely yes. If you look at recent T20 stats, I think in the top 10 there are actually around 6-7 spinners in the top 10, so I really think spinners are very important in the shorter format as well.

Q: How did you enjoy the bowling challenge in the United Arab Emirates?

AH: It has been a good challenge for me. I’m up for any challenge, even if it’s powerplay bowling, middle bowling or death. So it’s just about going out there and I think as a spinner you just can’t be afraid of getting hit and going out there supporting yourself and bowling according to the plan.

Q: Akeal, how hard is it to recover when a drummer is looking to chase you in the shorter formats. So if you’ve been hit for a few fours or sixes, is it hard to get over it and come back bowling with your sensitivity still intact?

AH: I would say it’s tough for any pitcher when you’re under that pressure, especially as a spinner as I said before, it’s more of a mindset even though you’re a spinner, they will come to you. So this is the first thing you have to remember that I am a spinner and they are going to come to me and it is just a matter of execution, you know if you are hit for a few limits depending on the type of shoot. played or what not. It’s just about focusing on the next ball, you know, the previous ball is gone, it’s just about focusing on the next ball, executing what you want to execute and having a state of play. clear mind as you approach the fold.

Q: Is there something about bowling in shorter formats that you are passionate about?

AH: To be honest, any white ball cricket match, whether it’s T20, One Day International, or T10, it’s thrilling overall I would say.

Q: How are you preparing to bowling for the Boule Blanche format?

AH: To be honest this is really what the captain expects from you so you definitely don’t want to run as much as possible you want to be as tight as possible like a white ball cricket pitcher so this is what. whatever role the captain wants, maybe he wants to get a wicket or sometimes he can just ask you to throw a few overs or a few tight overs and keep the score low, so it’s just a matter of being ready whatever role the captain wants and in the end you accept the challenge no matter what challenge comes your way.

Q: Is there anyone in particular that you admire when bowling in shorter formats. Is there a role model you want to emulate that you are looking to emulate when you’re in the field?

AH: Definitely, if I have to choose someone, it will be Sunil Narine. The way he carries the game on his own even when under pressure, even if things are not going his way he is very calm and he just keeps focusing on the next ball if he gets hit for four or more. six, he’s just focused on the next ball and he’s very calm in his job and he’s definitely someone I admire.

Q: Akeal, in your opinion, why are shorter formats so difficult for bowlers, do you think it is difficult and what is the key to bowling in shorter formats in your opinion?

AH: Yes, I think initially bowling in the shorter formats is difficult because the bowlers are already under the pump, the guys always come after you compared to a test match, it’s more relaxed and the batsmen don’t. not seek to confront you. Sometimes you throw a good ball in the shorter formats and it’s always set aside for the limit or six or what not whereas in a test match a guy can hit the ball only when it’s a wrong ball or a half volley. So in a shorter format the bowlers are already under the pump, the guys are coming after you but that said, the flip side is you get more wickets and more opportunities in the shorter formats. , I would say.

Q: You’ve played T20 Cricket now and it’s T10 Cricket time, what do you think is the main difference between the two formats?

AH: I think the difference is that it is shorter but the same skills are required, maybe that is not the temperament where you are looking for wickets. T10 is definitely something harder because the guys are going to follow you on every ball while T20 is also short but sometimes a batsman can take a look at a few balls before hitting but in T10 it certainly is not bowlers heaven you are always going to be under the pump and guys are always going to come after you so i look forward to any challenge and like i said it’s all about bowling with point balls and not to look for wickets.

Q: Your roster is something that caught everyone’s attention, especially the comeback you took against England. How hard are you working on your field because it seems to me that you’re a bowler and a great defensive player, that’s a huge advantage in any shorter format?

AH: To be honest, I personally feel like my training has gone down a bit, worked extremely hard, and spent extra time training with our field coach (Trevor Penney) in the West Indies and c ‘was just a joy to take this catch and a reward for helping me out as an additional fielder. I’m not where I want to be but I’m getting there slowly and a few times I disturb Penney.

Q: Looking at the Delhi Bulls franchise, bringing together Dwayne Bravo, Eoin Morgan, Adil Rashid, Mohammad Hafeez, if I were to ask you to pick one thing you want to learn from each of them, what would it be?

AH: It is difficult and narrow to choose one thing from these guys. They are different players who come from different backgrounds and different teams, ideas and mindsets. So for me it’s about having an open mind and looking forward to chilling out with these guys and gaining experience and knowledge based on how they approach things and their stories. past and get advice and so on.

Q: Last question! Can the Delhi Bulls win the Abu Dhabi T10 this year?

AH: Definitely yes. I looked at our team and it’s a well balanced team and obviously whatever team I’m on I’m going to give 100% and also do whatever it takes to get the team to pass the finish line, so definitely think the Delhi Bulls will win the 2021 Abu Dhabi T10 League.

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