Angels part ways with scout director Matt Swanson

The Angels change scouting director, like Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register reports that Matt Swanson lost his job after more than five years with the team. Swanson’s replacement has yet to be named.

Originally hired in August 2016 by former Angels general manager Billy Eppler, Swanson was tasked with rebuilding a minor league pipeline that was almost completely devoid of premium talent. (In February 2016, Keith law described the Angels’ minor league collection as “hands down the worst system I’ve ever seen” in what was then Law’s eighth year of ranking the 30-team farm systems.), the Angels have improved their skills. depth of perspective during Swanson’s five-year draft, highlighted by names like Jo adell, and current top-100 outlook Reid detmers and Sam bachman.

Overall, however, Los Angeles needs a lot of improvements to its farming system. Law’s pre-season organizational standings this year placed the Angels 23rd, and Baseball America’s mid-season organizational standings placed them 25th (although Adell, Detmers and Brandon Marsh all moving to the majors lowered the ranking). To date, the Angels have made nine players from the 2017-21 Draft appear on the big league roster, although that low number is not necessarily unusual given the timing of those draft, the time it usually takes even. to top notch hopes to hone their skills for the majors and the impact of the pandemic on the last two minor league seasons.

Considering all of these factors, it may be unfair to point the finger at Swanson for the Angels’ lack of young impact players in recent years (and, the much-vaunted Adell could certainly still thrive). It could be that CEO Perry Minasian wants his own hire as director of scouting, or it could come from an overall shift in focus in the way the organization has worded. As Law noted in its 2021 organizational ranking, “If we were just tool ranking systems… the Angels would be in the top half, maybe in the top 10. They love the athletes, target them in the draft and in the international market, but develop these guys. When their baseball skill level begins is a huge challenge for any organization.

Swanson, 39, is a former player himself, who pitched in the Pirates’ farm system from 2005 to 2007 before joining the Cardinals as a recruiter and auditor for the Midwest region from 2008 to 2016.

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