Batting Poll Agencies for BJP: AAP

A day after the arrest of MP Amanatullah Khan by the Delhi Anti-Corruption Directorate (ACB), the AAP backed him while alleging that investigative agencies are ‘fighting for the BJP’ to create a negative perception AAP in the wake of its “increasing popularity” in Gujarat. The party accused the BJP of continuing its “Operation Lotus” to “break” the AAP leaders.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the arrest by the Anti-Corruption Bureau, which reports to Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor, was part of a series of attacks on party MPs. “They first arrested Satyendar Jain. They are unable to provide any evidence despite repeated requests from the court. Then they raided the house of Manish (Deputy CM Manish Sisodia).

They found nothing. Now they have arrested Amanatullah. Many more will be arrested. It seems they are facing many problems in Gujarat,” Kejriwal tweeted. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said the arrest was part of the so-called “Operation Lotus” aimed at breaking up the AAP. “They first arrested Satyendra Jain but no evidence was presented in court.

They searched my house and found nothing. They launched a fake investigation against Kailash Gahlot and now they have arrested Amanatullah Khan. Operation Lotus to smash all AAP leaders continues,” Sisodia tweeted.

AAP spokesman Saurabh Bhardwaj said ACB searches of Khan’s homes in Joga Bai and Zakir Nagar turned up nothing. He added that the case in which ACB raided Khan’s house is a 2.5 year old case in which the FIR was filed in January 2020 and nothing has been proven in those years. “Khan was summoned for questioning and at the same time raids were carried out in several places, after which this propaganda was unleashed to create an image as if illegal objects had been found in Khan’s associates.

He also showed a video, shot by Khan’s wife, in which a police officer is told that the house they were in was where Khan and his family lived. In the video, Bhardwaj said, police can be heard saying “ghar pe kuch nahi hai” (there is nothing at home).

Bhardwaj said ACB spread fake news in the media that they found money and weapons at the MP’s house. “An organized campaign is underway to defame the PAA; earlier, they fraudulently linked Minister Satyendar Jain’s picture to gold and silver found at a jeweller’s.

In their desperation to ensnare Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, CBI has raided 100 sites so far. Investigative agencies are coerced by the BJP central government for political purposes,” Bhardwaj added.

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