Bombay High Court orders bats for transgender people

In what may be a huge relief for transgender people, the Aurangabad bench of the Bombay High Court recently ordered the Aurangabad commissioner to protect and protect a girl until she reaches her transgender partner.

A division bench, Sunil Deshmukh and Nitin Suryawanshi, heard a criminal petition filed by lawyer Sutej Jadhav on behalf of a 29-year-old transgender who has chosen a man as their gender. He is originally from Rajasthan, works in the hospitality industry in Goa and currently resides in a transgender home in Mumbai.

He met the girl on social media in June 2019 and they finally confessed their love for each other. However, when the lockdown was announced, she returned to Osmanabad with her family. When she did not get enough marks for her postgraduate studies, her parents refused to fund her graduate studies. Her brother helped her get into an institute in Allahabad for a correspondence course.

However, her parents began to force her to marry. She then contacted the man she loved and asked for his help in leaving the house. In February 2021, they met and took a train to Allahabad where she was continuing her studies.

She called her mother and told her that she did not wish to return to Osmanabad, but her parents filed an absence report with the local police and arrived in Allahabad the next day. She was then forcibly taken home and her boyfriend was not allowed to meet with her.

According to the young girl, her parents subjected her to mental torture and subjected her to humiliating medical tests to “cure her sexual orientation.” She managed to leave with her boyfriend to live with her parents in Kota, Rajasthan, but the police found her there.

In June 2021, a lawyer from Kota filed a request with a chief judicial magistrate to release the girl according to her wishes. However, the court ordered her to go to her parents’ home. She moved again and filed for review with the Kota District Court and Hearing. However, her parents forcibly took her back and kept her in their custody against her will.

The High Court judges met the young girl who said she did not want to go with her parents and will go with her boyfriend who has also shown willingness to take her with him.

The court then recorded: “The young girl is of legal age and seems resolute and is free to act as she wishes. However, given the apprehension expressed by the young girl, the police commissioner, Aurangabad is tasked with saving and protecting the young girl to the destination she wishes to go.

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