Boxpark Croydon unveils baseball batting cages

Boxpark Croydon has opened another crowd-pleasing attraction after unveiling one of London’s first free-standing baseball batting cages.

They will be opened on July 23 by hitting gurus “Sluggers”, who said the venue will feature three new batting cages “plus a menu of craft cocktails and mouth-watering Latin fusion street food.”

Baseball is extremely popular in the Americas and parts of East Asia and the cages offer Londoners the chance to try out something completely different (although perhaps a little less for everyone). rounders fans).

As Sluggers described it:

With just you, a cage, a virtual bowler powered by Batfast technology and a crush ball, Sluggers is the perfect place for a night of Insta-bragtastic batting bliss, bringing you the fastest virtual bowling London has. to offer, with throwing machines that can be adapted to each level of dough. ”

Cocktails and dishes inspired by various Latin American culinary centers, from Cuba to Colombia, are available to participants.

Image via Sluggers

SFG Club Founder Neil Garner said: “We are extremely excited to launch our first standalone Sluggers site, especially as Londoners are now looking to get to a place to eat, drink and play and BOXPARK Croydon is offering exactly that.

“With the end of foreclosure restrictions, Londoners are looking for new ways to socialize, resulting in an increase in games and social competition activities.

“We wanted to create a place that takes a step away from traditional baseball but offers guests an exciting and unique take on the sport.

“Inspired by Latin American culture, the Sluggers experience brings exactly that, bringing something new and fresh to the gaming market, and we can’t wait for guests to come and experience all it has to offer. ”

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