Bryce Harper appears to shoot Joe Girardi after Phillies sweep first series since manager fired

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The Phillies hit rock bottom last week, falling to 21-30 on the season and firing manager Joe Girardi. They are now 3-0 under interim coach Rob Thomson. Sunday’s 9-7 win over the Angels was also an incredible comeback. The Phillies were down 5-0 at one point, then trailed 6-2 in the bottom of the eighth inning.

And then Bryce Harper hit a match-tying grand slam.

The Angels would find a way to get back up and reclaim the lead in the top of the ninth, but in the bottom half it was Phillies rookie Bryson Stott with a three-point shot. Looked:

It was only Stott’s second career home run and he capped a three-game sweep for the Phillies, while sending the Angles to their 11th straight loss.

After the game, Harper dropped a quote that could be interpreted as a bow shot by Girardi.

“I’m so happy for (Stott), man. What a batting. What a situation for him. Being able to trust our young guys these last few days and really let them play,” he said. , through the Philadelphia plaintiff. “It’s been great. And it paid off today.”

Here’s more:

The last two days, you say, Bryce? Hmmm. What happened in there?

Before last Thursday, the Phillies had a lot of problems and putting them all on Girardi is ignorant and unfair. Acting as a sweep on the heels of Girardi’s shot was specifically because Girardi being fired is also a huge leap forward. There are ups and downs in baseball, as we all know.

If clubhouse players feel better about their chances for whatever reason, however, that reason matters. Baseball is a great mental game. As such, if anyone wanted to argue that Harper’s comments were a not-so-veiled jab at Girardi and insinuated that they were playing better with him gone, I’m not going to push that away.

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