Building a 7-axis industrial robot arm from scratch

Engineer, manufacturer and YouTuber Jeremy Fielding took on the massive project of building a seven-axis industrial robot arm from scratch. Machining of components and design of every aspect of the robot arm itself. Check out the incredible progress he’s made in the videos embedded below.

Jeremy explains in detail his design and thought process of the robotic arm allowing you to understand why every decision was made as well as some of the pitfalls that could arise if certain parts were positioned incorrectly due to their weight and the use required. Building a seven axis industrial robot arm in your home workshop is no small feat, but the robot arm is fantastic even in its development stages.

“I am fascinated by anything mechanical. As such, most of my projects move or contain an element that interests me mechanically. I am also interested in electrical engineering. YouTube is where you’ll find most of my robot arm and content. My goal is simple. “Take them to engineering with amazing projects: inspire them with ideas: then teach them how to do it. I just want to say thank you. The response has been incredible. And I believe it will become a place where people are inspired to learn, build things and find solutions rather than problems. “

To continue watching the awesome industrial robot arm building process, head over to Jeremy Fielding‘s YouTube channel and subscribe to be kept up to date with new videos released. To help raise money to build his project, Jeremy has a Patreon page where you can learn more and help fund his incredible builds as well as access exclusive content only available for Patreon the subscribers.

Source : Jeremy Fielding : Youtube

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