Cañon City Energy franchise committee expresses interest in new deal – Canon City Daily Record

Interest in a new electric franchise contract is expressed by various suppliers after the failure of the Black Hills Energy franchise renewal in the November 2020 election.

The Cañon City Energy Franchise Committee was formed by city council in March to assess why voters voted the way they did and to consider potential alternatives. The committee recently heard a proposal from CORE Electric Cooperative in which members voted to have the board consider a proposal to conduct due diligence for a period of 120 days at no cost to the city to provide a formal proposal for the provision of electric utilities.

The board approved a resolution on Monday that will allow CORE Electric Cooperative to perform this due diligence.

According to a letter sent to the city attorney on July 1 by CORE Electric Cooperative, formerly Intermountain Rural Electric Association, CORE “intends to provide the necessary funding to complete the buyout or the condemnation of the necessary facilities of Black Hills Energy, such as indicated in the current deductible. agreement.”

CORE would not be required to make a formal proposal if it determines that a franchise with Cañon City would not be economically competitive or otherwise feasible, the letter said.

“This is an unsolicited proposal from CORE Electric,” said Pro Mayor Tem John Hamrick. “By accepting this proposal, the city neither commits nor commits to any particular outcome, except perhaps to receive a future proposal from CORE. This is a study conducted at no cost to the city, without obligation or commitment. “

Mandi Lesher, community relations manager for CORE Electric Cooperative, said the cooperative model is the best way forward.

“We’ve been a cooperative for 83 years, since around 1937,” she said. “We think he serves clients very well because they are members of the public service, they get capital credits in return, so they get some of the margin and they have a say in how the business operates. . “

She said CORE Electric Cooperative frequently performs service in places other vendors wouldn’t normally go, which she said could make it a great place to do business.

City of Cañon City Seeks Residents to Serve on New Energy Franchising Committee

Lesher said she grew up in Cañon City and has a vested interest here.

“I have a house and I really want low rates for you, low rates for everyone I know, and I think we have the opportunity to offer you that,” she said.

The Cañon City Energy Franchise Committee is expected to present an interim report to the Vision Committee in November, and Guzman Electric will make a presentation to the Energy Committee on November 8.

“We remain open for business,” said Mayor Ashley Smith. “If people want to make offers, we’re going to listen to all of them. It starts with the energy franchise committee, and then they make recommendations to city council. “

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