Charlottesville Women’s Lacrosse Team Play at “Elite” Level

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia (WVIR) – The lacrosse teams in Charlottesville are really, really good.

The AVU’s men’s and women’s teams are nationally-caliber programs, and it looks like at least one high school wins a state title every year.

But there is always room for improvement.

The Cav Lax Elite Girls Travel Travel Lacrosse Club was established less than a decade ago, but has quickly grown into one of the elite programs in the country.

Their Class of 2024 team is currently ranked No. 21 nationally in the US Club Lacrosse Poll, and they were hosting trials this week in St. Anne’s-Belfield.

The program was designed by Julie Myers, head coach of AVU women’s lacrosse.

Co-Head Coach Henry Oakey said, “Her vision was to have a place where local girls could play, here in Charlottesville and Central Virginia, instead of going to Richmond and DC.”

The program started seven years ago, with a team of fourth graders.

“We still had a lot of mats and we didn’t know how to put on a mouthguard,” says Oakey.

They plan to field six teams this fall.

Oakey says, “The 2024s and 2025s we started, and there were enough little sisters in the 2026s and 2027s to keep the movement going.”

Delaney Poindexter, a rising rookie from Covenant, said: “My mom made me start lacrosse. I didn’t want to go to the trials, but a few years later, and I really, really love lacrosse.

Western Albemarle sophomore Reeve Goldstein has been there from the start.

“A lot of the girls I started with still play with me,” Goldstein explains, “so we grew up together and learned the game together. “

Cav Lax Elite faces teams from places like Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia, and they’ve been ranked up to 15th in the country.

“For a small town like Charlottesville, with the numbers we’re using, that’s pretty good,” says Oakey, “and we’re proud of it.

And that’s a big leap, because the team was ranked in the 80s last year.

National leaderboards, tournaments and showcases put players in a great position to play at the next level.

“During the showcases a ton of coaches are there, so we can play in front of them,” says Goldstein.

Poindexter adds: “Definitely, I would love to try playing varsity lacrosse, and I know this club, along with my coaches and teammates, will help me get there.”

They are only scratching the surface in terms of recruiting, as the oldest group of girls are just starting their sophomore year of high school.

The 2024 class will have the chance to show off their skills at a tournament in Texas this fall.

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