Cody Bellinger changed his batting stance to an old-school placement

Since winning the National League MVP award in 2019, Cody Bellinger has experimented with different batting positions over the past two seasons.

When he appeared in his first spring training game for the Los Angeles Dodgers last year, the 26-year-old debuted with a more open approach, in stark contrast to previous seasons. Explaining the decision to change his batting stance, Bellinger said it was simply out of a desire to find the positioning he’s most comfortable and confident in.

Now out of shoulder surgery for two offseasons, Bellinger continued to tinker with his swing mechanics. He entered this spring with lower hands and more in front.

However, Bellinger has now returned to his older, more familiar hand position, which he attributed to feeling stronger, via Bill Plunkett of the Southern California News Group:

Bellinger is coming off a downturn in 2021 as he battles multiple injuries, including a broken left fibula, hamstring issues and an undisplaced fracture in his left ribs.

Bellinger now thinks he’s in a much better place and hopes that translates to success. “I feel very good. I feel stronger,” he said recently.

“I feel like the ball is jumping off the bat more than last year. I feel good. It will be fun and good to get out there, start again, get your feet wet and get this thing going. .

Bellinger hopes to learn from struggles

After struggling for most of the 2021 season, Bellinger managed to right the ship in October as he hit .353/.436/.471 with one double, one home run and seven RBIs in 12 playoff games.

Bellinger has been encouraged by the turnaround and believes he can learn from his early struggles. “Towards the end, I really understood what made me feel good and why I am good. Just try to take it from there and keep learning and adjusting,” he said.

“It was a chore last year, to say the least. But that’s in the past. Like I said, the learning curve has been huge over the past few years. As I hit batting practice right now, I feel good, I feel strong, I feel compact. I focused a lot on my shoulder, a lot to stabilize my body and make it stronger. I feel good.”

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