Cricket news: Finnish cricket team’s bizarre pitch layout goes viral

The Finnish cricket team used a rather unusual pitch strategy which had to be seen to be believed as cricket fans were left out.

You don’t see a slip cord like this very often, if at all.

But if you’re part of the Finnish national cricket team, sometimes you just need to be careful to get this victory.

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Finland faced England XI at the European Cricket Championship, and with the game’s first ball, Finnish captain Jonathan Scamans set his pitch to let the English know they were serious.

But to many cricket fans, the lay of the land looked like something straight out of a video game.

A commentator also couldn’t believe what he was witnessing in front of him.

“Oh my God, courtesy of me, look at this field,” the commentator said.

“We have eight slips and one leg slip for the first ball of the game to be pitched by Amjad Sher.

“Well, this is extraordinary.”

Cricket fans were also scratching their heads over the bizarre setup, as social media was in the throes of a frenzy.

What started with good intentions quickly faded as England hit 113 points from their 10 overs.

Finland accumulated just 99 points from their 10 overs, leaving the English XI to win by 14 points.

The result keeps England first in Group C of the European Cricket Championship and has lost just one of the eight matches they have played.

As for Finland, they only experienced victory out of eight.

Who knows, the Finns may be more successful if they can tune their pitch more appropriately from the first ball.

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