Dodgers: Insider thinks Corey Seager is least likely to return to LA

Yes, the wound is still fresh for many. The Dodgers season just ended on Saturday and here we are on Monday discussing who might and might not return to the squad next season. With baseball in the playoffs, you’re playing hard and fast with this month’s rent money. A few wrong moves and you’re in the street before you know it.

What the bad analogy above says is that the season can come to a screeching halt and locker room farewells happen quickly.

As you now know, the Dodgers have a large group of free agents hitting the market this offseason. Depending on who you ask, the only player among all the teams with the most earning potential might just be Corey Seager from LA. The shortstop spoke lovingly about his time with the Dodgers following Saturday’s Game 6 loss to Atlanta, saying he “absolutely” wants to be back for 2022 and beyond. However, to an insider this seems unlikely.

Dodger beat OC Register writer Bill Plunkett notes that the acquisition of Trea Turner by the trade deadline could have been the way the front office shows they feel the same.

Seager is perhaps the least likely of the Dodgers free agents to re-sign, which they tacitly acknowledged when they put his replacement in place by trading for Trea Turner. Turner won’t be happy for long at second base – and he can become a free agent after 2022.

Reports say Seager and his agent Scott Boras are potentially seeking multi-year deals worth north of $ 200 million this winter. But his struggles with the injury virus will likely reduce that a bit.

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The 27-year-old is headlining a large group of top-tier free agent shortstops this offseason, including Houston’s Carlos Correa, Colorado’s Trevor Story and former Cubs star Javy Baez. . Corey has shown once again that his bat plays in this league. But he’s also shown at times that the shortstop may not be his best position going forward.

In a Perfect World, the Dodgers are re-signing Seager with the idea of ​​moving him to third base next season. Aging Justin Turner, who turns 37 in November, would benefit from a move to a part-time defenseman, a part-time designated hitter with the DH rule that is expected to be implemented universally in baseball this offseason.

First of all, a world series between the Astros and the Braves must be played. Go brave.

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