During a frenetic market in 2021, busy real estate agents processed over 120,000 offers using ShowTime’s offer management platform

CHICAGO–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Time display, the leading provider of exhibition management technologies and market statistics for the residential real estate industry, reported that its Offer Manager platform, used by listing agents and buyers’ agents across the North America, helped them manage more than 120,000 deals during the real estate industry’s multiple-offer frenzy. last year.

The Offer Manager provides agents with an intuitive experience, presenting a “submit an offer” button that can be used from any device. This reduces the number of “Did you get my offer?” Panics. Calls, emails and texts between agents, and instead instills clarity into one of the many difficult tasks that realtors face: communicating clearly with each other about offers.

“Before the deal manager, it was the ‘Wild West’ – agents were inundated with several different offer modes, including faxes, emails and even text messages with photos of the deals,” said Michael Barbaro, broker / owner at Huntsman, Meade & Partners Comp in New Haven, Connecticut. “Some people didn’t even follow up, so if you weren’t expecting their offer and knew how to search for it, and you present more than 15 other offers, it might just be overlooked. one system was the worst possible scenario for the industry. ”

“Delays are often the result of communication barriers between agents, leading to confusion over the status of offers, while essential documentation can easily be misplaced,” said Michael Lane, president of ShowTime. “With Offer Manager, listing agents and buying agents have a complete view of an offer’s status from start to finish, all from within their existing ShowTime presentation management service interface. The same philosophy that guided the development of our product presentation management was in place here: to provide agents with a streamlined process that will pay dividends in terms of efficiency and productivity to fuel their growth. ”

The Offer Manager works in conjunction with ShowTime’s “schedule a show” process and is deployed MLS-wide in many US and Canadian markets. A version for brokers, teams and individual agents, Offer Manager Premium, is also available.

“We received so many offers in late 2020 and early 2021 that it was starting to strain our back office staff and we clearly needed a solution,” said Joe Kipping of Keller Williams Tampa Bay Home Team. “Before the deal manager, all deal management was done with an email inbox, spreadsheet, and Google Drive. Now I can view the deal quickly and I know the agent is there. The buyer will receive a notification that the offer has been received, saving me a lot of time. ”

Mississippi, Nevada, and North Carolina MLS are rolling out the product for members, while several offices, teams, and agents have signed up for Offer Manager Premium.

Additionally, the company announced that igloohome, igloocompany’s consumer brand, has joined its Premier Lock Vendor program. They provide agents with smart PO boxes for hassle-free home access and Bluetooth® technology to provide one-click access.

“We are thrilled to be a ShowTime Premier Lock provider,” said Anthony Chow, CEO and Founder of igloocompany. “We share a common desire to facilitate easier and safer access to housing. ”

About display time

ShowTime is the leading provider of exhibition management technology and market statistics to the residential real estate industry, with over 1.5 million active listings subscribed to its services. Its products are used in more than 370 multiple listing services representing 1.4 million real estate professionals in Canada and the United States. For more information visit www.showingtime.com.

About igloocompany

igloocompany is the market leader in smart access solutions. The company operates a range of consumer businesses under the igloohome brand and a business-oriented range under iglooworks. With igloohome smart locks, consumers can grant remote access to their properties using their unique technology – algoPIN â„¢. iglooworks offers businesses a suite of remote monitoring and access management solutions for asset and infrastructure management. Currently based in Singapore, it has 13 regional offices, including an American presence in Texas. For more information visit www.igloocompany.co.

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