DVIDS – News – UH-60V Ribbon Cutting Ceremony takes place at Fort Indiantown Gap

The UH-60V program began as a 60L digitization project which received Congress approval and recognition as a new product office in 2012. The UH-60V helicopter is being developed with an emphasis on overhaul of the aging fleet of UH-60A / L, with an improved digital glass cockpit, certified RNAV GPS database, and advanced flight and mission planning capability – allowing the US military greater utility lift capacity to better support the multi-domain battlefield of the future. The program successfully completed a critical design review in February 2016, and in January 2017, the first UH-60V engineering development model made its maiden flight. The program will achieve instrument flight rules certification prior to the follow-up operational test event in the second half of fiscal 2022. The results will inform the decision to produce the UH-60V at full speed planned for the second quarter of fiscal 2023. The military plans to produce 760 UH-60V aircraft, and they will be part of the sustainable utility helicopter fleet well into the future.

The integration of the Eastern ARNG Aviation Training Site (EAATS) into the UH-60V program began in April 2018 in response to a request from the Army Capacity Manager (ACM- Lift). ACM Lift approached EAATS to integrate highly experienced UH-60M pilots to support simulator testing of the UH-60V prototype utility helicopter project office. EAATS provided three UH-60 A / L / M instructor pilots to perform the first UH-60V SIL (System Integration Laboratory) tests from May 7 to 11, 2018. The Utility Helicopter Program Office (UHPO), the UH team -60V and EAATS instructor pilots conducted academic training and UH-60V SIL to assess initial software, capabilities and limitations in order to provide vital data to engineers. Both teams provided feedback to shape the platform’s initial software development. This training event enabled the Army Aviation Department (DAMO-AV), UHPO and UH-60V team to select EAATS to support the development and testing of the new aircraft and the development of products over three years.

This EAATS collaborated with the National Guard Bureau (NGB), the Assessment and Standardization Directorate (DES), the Army Capabilities Manager-Lift (ACM-Lift), the Training and Doctrine Directorate (DOTD, USAACE) and the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) to develop a holistic Training Support Package (TSP) to enable units to conduct local training and qualify Airmen in the UH-60V.

UHPO received material parole approval on July 23, 2021 and delivered the first six UH-60V aircraft to EAATS from July 26 to 30, 2021. As the First Equipped Unit (FUE), EAATS will serve as the army’s aviation company. prime location to conduct UH-60V Train the Trainer (TSP) Pilot Training Support Program and UH-60V Maintenance Test Pilot (MTP) TSP training for the National Guard army (ARNG) and active component units commissioning UH-60V in the future. From October 11, 2021, EAATS will conduct UH-60V TSP training for unit pilots, instructor pilots (IP), standardization pilots (SP) and maintenance test pilots (MTP) for provide trained and qualified Airmen for the commissioning of their unit’s aircraft. .

NGB and the Army National Guard Aviation Training Sites are interwoven with the execution of modernization strategies and USAACE aviation enterprise initiatives focused on training the active component, reserve and National Guard classified, unclassified and non-commissioned officers to prepare and prepare the air force for multi- field operations.

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