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After a year missed due to the pandemic, the Sirius / XM All-Star Futures Game will return during Star Week 2021.

On Sunday, July 11, some of the most promising and exciting potential players from the American League and National League teams will face off in a seven-end game. The Futures Game will be held at Coors Field, the venue for the All Star Game to be played two days later.

Traditionally, the Futures Game has provided a glimpse of future MLB stars. The game was a highlight of All Star Week, with this year’s competition likely to keep the tradition deep and rich.

Here are snapshot scout reports from some of MLB’s most exciting young prospects who will be competing in the American League:

Game-changing hitters:

Adley Rutschman-C- Baltimore Orioles (AA Bowie)

1st round draft pick, 2019

Rutschman received $ 8.1million signing bonus

Age: 23 years old

Receiver Adley Rutschman combines excellent power, superb hitting ability and good defensive skills. It’s a set of tools that are rare to find in a lead collector.

At 6-2, 220 pounds, the Rutschman hitting the switches has a very smooth, superior swing that creates hard, constant contact.

Rarely at batting, Rutschman has exceptional plate discipline. He has the ability to use all terrain, taking the terrain where he is thrown with force throughout his frame.

Able to throw shots, Rutschman is a very dangerous hitter on both sides of the plate, another trait that sets him apart. Scout Rank: 65

Spencer Torkelson-IB-3B- Detroit Tigers ((Double-A Erie)

1st player chosen in the general classification of the 2020 draft

Torkelson received a signing bonus of $ 8,416,300

Age: 21 years old

A right-handed hitter, Torkelson generates exceptional power from his 6-1, 220-pound frame. He hit 54 home runs and led 130 points in three seasons at Arizona State University, making him the No. 1 pick in the 2020 Draft.

An average defender in the major leagues, Torkelson has played both corner positions in his development. The Tigers will have the option of using him on third or first base when he moves up to the major leagues.

Torkelson is a patient hitter, he knows the strike zone well and selects the shots he can lead.

While he really excels as a shooter, Torkelson has bat control and quick hands to use all the court. His batting speed is a consequence of his natural hitting ability.

Slowly in step, Torkelson will make his reputation in the major leagues with his bat. He could be an impact hitter in the middle of the Tigers roster. Scout Rank: 65

Bobby Witt Jr.-SS-Kansas City Royals (Northwest Arkansas Double-A)

2nd player chosen in the general classification in the 2019 draft

Witt Jr. received a signing bonus of $ 7,787,400

Age: 21 years old

After a superb spring training, Bobby Witt Jr. had a rather slow start to the season. He’s since shown scouts and parent organization Kansas City Royals that his fast swing and quick hands are very well suited for potential fame as a Big League player.

At 6-1, 200 pounds, right-handed hitter Witt Jr. has the ability to get the ball out of the barrel of the bat with an aggressive approach appropriate to home plate.

Where he once swayed and missed with some frequency, Witt Jr. has adapted better to spinning brittle balls, showing an ability to hit the ball into spaces.

A solid runner and a good defenseman, chances are Witt Jr. can remain a shortstop at the major league level. He’s athletic enough to play second or third in the infield or even the outfield if necessary.

Witt Jr. has a good combination of power and speed that should help the Royals continue to beat their roster and build a rival team. Scouting grade: 60

Julio Rodriguez-OF-Seattle Mariners- (Double-A Arkansas)

Signed as an international free agent in July 2017

Rodriguez signed for a bonus of $ 1.75 million

Age: 20 years

For this scout, Julio Rodriguez is one of the most exciting potential players in the game.

Based on the early years of his development schedule, his signing bonus appears to be of huge value to the Seattle Mariners.

At 6-3, 180 pounds, the hitting right fielder can do a lot of damage with his bat.

A dynamic and powerful hitter, Rodriguez has an advanced “feel” for finding the barrel of the bat and driving hard-hit balls into spaces or over the fence.

A fractured hand in 2019 cost Rodriguez some playing time, but he made up for that injury with hard-hitting strikes as he continued his development.

The Mariners will be able to boast a substantial hitting field that could include Kyle Lewis, Jarred Kelenic (see below) and Rodriguez. Taylor Trammell is another quality player in the mix. Of them all, Rodriguez is the player who could change the games with his enormous power and impact production. Scout Rank: 65

Jarred Kelenic-OF-Seattle Mariners- (Triple A Tacoma)

6th overall selection in 2018 New York Mets draft

Jarred Kelenic signed for $ 4.5 million bonus

Age: 21 years old

In December 2018, the New York Mets traded Kelenic, their No. 1 pick in the June Draft, with four other players to the Seattle Mariners in a trade for infielder Robbie Cano and reliever Edwin. Diaz.

Now, several years later, Kelenic is set to be part of a Seattle Mariners outfield that could be some of the best in baseball.

Left-handed hitter Kelenic got a taste of the Big League club earlier this season. In 23 games, Kelenic struggled to hit, compiling a .096 batting average in 92 home plate appearances.

But Kelenic is a much better prospect than his brief appearance in mid-May revealed.

Kelenic hovered over its development showing some excellent typing tools and a real rocket for the game.

Kelenic has a naturally measured and compact swing, without being overly aggressive and without chasing home runs. He’s got a great conscience at home plate, and when he’s at his best, he puts a pitcher to work hard to get him out.

Kelenic has enough speed to steal goals and chase flying balls into the outfield, as an above average defender.

While this scout doesn’t see Kelenic as a strong hitter, he certainly has the ability to hit his share of home runs, contributing to a future outfield that should help lift the Mariners. Scouting grade: 60

Jasson Dominguez-OF-New York Yankees (Florida Complex League-Rookie Ball)

Signed as Dominican Republic international free agent in 2019

Dominguez signed for a huge bonus of $ 5.1

Age: 18 years old

Jasson Dominguez is often compared to Bo Jackson because of his athleticism and versatility. Some scouts see tools Mike Trout or Ronald Acuna Jr. and upside down in Dominguez.

What makes Dominguez unique for his age is his keen baseball sense and instinct. He is playing much older and with much more maturity than he was 18 years old.

Switch hitter, Dominguez at 5-10, 190 pounds. However, it has exceptional power, generated by its ability to get the strength of its “very compact” compact frame behind its swing. It has the rapid “burst” which allows the ball to jump off its bat.

Dominguez showed the Yankees’ hitting ability on both sides of the plate. Those strong hands, strong wrists and strong forearms, aided by the strength of his legs, make him a very projectable powerful hitter. He’ll be a real threat at Yankee Stadium, especially when hitting from the left side of the plate.

Defensively, Dominguez was spotted by the Yankees as a shortstop and receiver, but he could end up in the outfield, as a big hitter.

Dominguez brings excellent speed to his game, well above average, further strengthening his reputation as a future impact player and future star.

This scout watched Dominguez’s video. but he is only just beginning his career as a professional player. In total, Dominguez has less than 20 minor league appearances. Still, he has enough strengths and potential to be named to the Futures Game roster. Scouting grade: 60


As the scouting score chart below indicates, the AHL players featured above are all potential All Star quality players.

The American League Futures Game roster has plenty of other potential stars set to take on the National League. Players like the Red Sox Jeter Downs, White Sox Yoelqui Cespedes and Athletics Tyler Soderstrom are all ranked at or near the top of their organizational rankings.

Definitions of Scouting Ranks:

50-An average player, each day submitted to the peloton

55-An above average everyday player capable of hitting all types of pitch

60-A frequent All Star quality potential player with several exceptional and hard-hitting tools

65-A consistent and consistent All Star quality player with the ability to have a consistent impact on the game

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