El Paso Chihuahuas hope MLB lockdown will increase attendance at local sports, minor leagues

EL PASO, Texas — The Major League Baseball lockout has canceled the first two regular season game series.

But back in the Borderland, the minor league El Paso Chihuahuas are gearing up for their season opener.

Chihuahuas general manager Brad Taylor said the lockout could present an opportunity for minor league sports.

He said the last time something like this happened there was a boom in the industry and more people turned to games in their own backyards and watched these aspiring athletes soar. .

Taylor said he believes the lockdown will not affect ticket sales for the upcoming season and expects continued community support.

Still, he’s keen to emphasize to fans that they’re open no matter what’s going on with MLB.

“The most important thing people know now is that your hometown team is here, we’re going to be playing April 5-12 in El Paso, so regardless of how the lockdown goes MLB, we’re up and running,” Taylor said.

A spokeswoman for Dead Beach Brewery, a local business near Southwest University Park, said staff members were happy the lockdown was not affecting local sports and their fan participation.

“We absolutely have to prepare for all the people who come here, we are hiring more staff and we are still hiring currently, so we are going ahead and preparing our new hours for the spring, we have a menu available which is quite different as well and were ready for the new season,” said Veronica Hernandez, spokeswoman for the brewery.

The Chihuahuas plan to hold their Season 9 home opener on April 12.

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