Evolved Strategic SATCOM completes systems requirements review Uses competition to provide command and control capabilities at operationally relevant levels

Evolved Strategic SATCOM completes systems requirements review Uses competition to provide command and control capabilities at operationally relevant levels

Press Release From: Los Angeles Air Force Base
Posted: Friday September 24 2021

Space Systems Command’s evolved strategic SATCOM has completed its first round of system requirements reviews, aggressively using competition from contractors to rapidly identify, prototype and commission innovative new nuclear command, control and communication systems. generation.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, the Space and Missile Systems Center (now Space Systems Command) awarded three contracts to rapidly prototype strategic satellite communications payloads. These contracts represent six months of collaboration between SPC and industry partners to demonstrate critical technology elements, mitigate development risks for technology insertion, assign performance requirements across the system, and design a satellite that meets these requirements. This competitive model allows SSC to use industry partnerships to accelerate program initiatives, enabling a responsive acquisition mentality to pave the way for the rapid development and commissioning of ESS that meets the needs of the combatant.

Today, the aggressive use by the Middle Tier Acquisition Authority’s ESS program keeps the three entrepreneurs (Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin) focused on maturing their technology as quickly and intelligently as possible to stay competitive. This embodies the ‘Speed ​​with Discipline’ mindset that will pave the way for a low-risk program and meet the Department of Defense’s need for secure space-based military satellite communications while going beyond the milestones. program reviews.

“Competition ensures that SPC can control costs, meet deadlines and deliver secure, anti-jamming and durable communications with the capacity and coverage for our mission-critical users around the world,” said Col. Robert Davis, Senior Chief equipment from SPC’s strategic systems division. Development body.

Building on this success, the next round of functional systems reviews is underway. Each of the contractors is required to design satellites and demonstrate capabilities that meet basic requirements, while incorporating distinct business advantages into the performance and cost of their design. Currently, all contractors are on time, on schedule and meet all requirements.

SSC, headquartered at Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo, Calif., Is a US Space Force field command tasked with developing and acquiring deadly and resilient space capabilities for combatants by rapidly identifying, by prototyping, commissioning and supporting innovative space solutions to meet the requirements of the National Defense Strategy. SSC functions include development testing, production, launch, in-orbit verification and maintenance of USSF space systems, as well as overseeing USSF science and technology activities.

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