Football: carriers launch a new era with a “W”

A new head coach. A new quarterback. A new start.

A new era.

And with all that newness came to an end – the end of a terrible 10-game losing streak that spanned two seasons over three years. This streak is just a bad memory for the Greenport / Southold / Mattituck football team.

The Porters put those bad memories in the mirror on Friday night when they christened their season – and Tim McArdle’s debut as a varsity head coach – with a solid 20-6 loss to Wyandanch that thrilled home fans on a perfect weather day at Dorrie Jackson Memorial Field in Greenport.

In the end, the Greenport coaching staff turned to the Porters and applauded them.

“It’s our turnaround,” said Gavin Richards, a transfer junior quarterback from Riverhead who was stable in his college debut. “We’re putting the Porters back on the map.”

Greenport’s previous recorded victory was a forfeit against East Hampton / Ross on October 13, 2018. His last field victory was on September 29, 2018, against Southampton / Pierson.

Yes, it’s been a long time, really a long time.

Greenport did not dress a college football team last spring, fielding only a junior college team, coached by McArdle, who went 4-0.

McArdle said he told his players ahead of the game: “That cloud over Greenport passed yesterday, and you felt the tide shift and it’s a new era.”

“I’m not going to lie. I was nervous all day, ”McArdle said. “I didn’t sleep last night. All day long I was nervous at work. All i could think of [was] this game.”

Danny Breen made three of his four kickoffs for touchbacks in addition to making five tackles. (Credit: Robert O’Rourk)

Wyandanch, meanwhile, entered the season with a heavy heart, facing the sad news that one of his former players, Alonte Shipp, 20, was shot and killed in an altercation last month.

This is the year of the change of coach in Long Island football. Fourteen new head coaches are expected to enter the season this week, the largest coaching turnover in the past 25 years, according to Newsday. Among these new head coaches are William Harrison and McArdle of Wyandanch.

The Suffolk County Division IV game didn’t produce any flashy stats, but the Porters were helped a lot by Danny Breen. The Irish senior is the team’s kicker and kicker, but Breen brings more to the pitch than just a powerful right leg. He’s also a strong fullback linebacker and loves to hit. Besides, he’s very good at it.

“The only kickers I have ever seen like him, they are [in] the NFL right now – and none of them could tackle each other, ”Greenport lineman Dom Giovanniello said.

Breen tied Hunter Anderson and Giovanniello for the lead with five tackles. In the first quarter, he hit a 50-yard punt that was caught at Wyandanch’s 1-yard line and came back. Breen made the tackle on the play. Three of his four kick-offs resulted in touchbacks. After Wyandanch scored his only points on Antoine Ruddock’s 60-yard touchdown reception from DeAndre Smith in the third quarter, Smith attempted to run in a two-point conversion, but was stopped dead in his tracks by a big Breen shot.

“Our kicker is a beast,” said Kaiden Fisher, who received all three Richards completed passes for 64 yards, including a 35-yard touchdown connection in the first quarter.

The game was only 3 minutes and 27 seconds old when Richards, on a goalie, cut and snuck around the left for a scoring 39-yard run, followed by Jay Tramontana’s two-point run.

On the first play of the scrum in the third quarter, Aimen Tabor of Greenport intercepted a pass to Wyandanch 32 and returned it to 1. Tramontana dug a hole in the next play for a 20-0 lead.

Wyandanch threatened in his final series of the game when he scored the first and the goal at Greenport 9. The Porters’ defense stiffened, however, and Rudy Bruer managed a fourth pass into the end zone, allowing the Porters of running. on the final 8:54.

“Tonight I feel like we all played together,” Anderson said. “It wasn’t just one person doing the tackle. It was group tackles and everyone was working together.

Giovanniello said: “I think the team really played as a team. As in practice, I was honestly a little shaky, but they really stepped things up. We had a lot of guys who stood out, everyone did [the] work they had to do. Some pieces were like luck, but the rest of them – perfect. “

McArdle smiled afterwards, and why not? He had something to smile about.

He said, “We hope that we are now moving in an upward direction. “

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