Guess who’s back? The Academy announces the return of a range of cymbals for 2023

Guess who’s back? cymbal lines are back.

Earlier this week, The Academy Drum and Bugle Corps announced on social media that it would be commissioning a cymbal line for the 2023 season. According to the press release issued by the Tempe-based corps, the cymbal line would be composed of 4 to 5 people and the auditions would take place during his next camp in December.

We caught up with a few people who were instrumental in The Academy’s 2023 season, including executive director Mark Richardson. This season in particular, we’ve seen a few world-class bodies choose to bring back their cymbal lines for the 2023 season. We asked Mark why the Academy decided to take the plunge as well. “For us it started with a design choice, as the team working with visual and musical design thought it would be appropriate to include a marching cymbal section for the particular concepts they set up for production 2023. Additionally, Fred Smith, our designer (who has ties to the early years of the Academy), often prefers to design with a sonic color palette that includes marching cymbals. recent body size expansion for DCI rules, there was no conflict to have enough numbers on the pitch to work with and everything made sense to make the move.”

Corps director Dan Adams also chimed in, saying, “Musically, it was a clear choice! The new addition to the Academy line of cymbals offers an expanded palette of sonic colors to explore, as well as greater dynamic capability unmatched in any other area of ​​our music set. For us at the Academy, we have complete confidence in our Percussion Designer Fred Emory Smith, Academy Founding Fellow and Professional Film Composer, to bring these colors to life in our 2023 production! Cymbal lines are a unique combination of musical art and visual expression, and we’re excited to be able to provide new opportunities for everyone involved in our community to participate!”

Percussion Caption director Cole Williams also said the move was aimed at giving as many artists as possible the opportunity to parade a world-class body, saying: “I think it’s important for the percussion community to have that voice in any marching ensemble.In the winter season we see cymbal lines flourish, and I believe the voice can be just as important in the world of drum corps. .. At the Academy, member experience is paramount, and being able to play this additional role in our ensemble will help us provide that to more people.”

It’s been six years since the Academy established a cymbal line, and it’s obvious that staff, potential members, alumni and fans are thrilled with the decision to resurrect its cymbal line. Dan said: “The outpouring of love and support we’ve seen from the community since our announcement has been very special to see. I’ve received so many kind messages from people who are EXSTATIC about our decision. to bring this section back. I’m so excited to be part of such a fantastic team bringing back The Academy line of cymbals.”

When asked if they could give the walking arts community a tease about the upcoming season, Cole said: “We will have an official staff announcement in the coming weeks but I can assure you that we are putting together one of the most diverse and talented line of cymbals we have will have an incredible impact on our overall music offering and be a fantastic section to watch all season long!

Want to know more about the Academy’s 2023 auditions? Check out this link here to check audition dates, how to get audition packages, and more.

Well, if that doesn’t get you excited for the 2023 DCI season, I don’t know what will.

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