Have you seen this? The worst field in Major League Baseball history

Have you seen this? Worst field in Major League Baseball history (NBC Sports via bigherm24, YouTube)

THE MOUND – I love baseball. I love to play it and I love to watch it.

I’ll be the first to admit that I know why some people hate watching baseball. It can be boring and boring with little action, but there’s something I love about the game that I can’t deny. Maybe it’s the fact that there is one attacking person trying to fight nine others at once; or how you have all these other people on the court, but it all depends on the pitcher and the hitter who determines what happens next.

I would say pitcher is one of the most stressful jobs in all sports. It’s all on your shoulders. Can you launch strikes? Can you make sure the batter puts him in play, but somewhere where your defensive players have a chance to play? Can you throw it in the right spot so you don’t give up on a home run? You are shot with no outs and no loaded goals and it’s up to you not to give up any points.

It is stressful work. I was a pitcher growing up. Sometimes stress hit me. I had a handful of throws to throw: a four-seam fastball, a curveball, a split finger, a slider, and a wild throw. I would say the fastball and the wild terrain were my favorites, especially when that stress started.

I’m not saying the Royals pitcher Jake Brentz was stressed out when he threw this pitch, but who knows?

Brentz was on the mound against the Oakland A’s when he threw what could be the worst pitch in MLB history. It does not fly over the receiver’s head and does not crash into the backstop. It also doesn’t hit dirt right in front of the plate. He immediately dives and almost hits him in his own foot.

Maybe it was the stress, maybe his hands were sweaty, or maybe – just maybe – it was a lucky accident.

Either way, I’m going to leave Brentz a little slack because while none of my wild throws nearly bruised my own body, I never made it through high school. This guy throws in the big leagues. I think we can let this one go.

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