Hembe raises alarm over continued commissioning of his name as midshipman by APC

By Rose Ejembi, Makurdi

The Labor Party (LP) gubernatorial candidate in Benue State, Herman Hembe, has sounded the alarm over the continued candidacy of his name by the All Progressives Congress (APC) as one of its aspirants.

Hembe who threatened to take legal action against the APC, in a statement he personally signed and made available to reporters on Saturday, revealed that at the time the APC primaries took place , he was no longer a party wannabe as he once had been. his letter of resignation from the party to its Chairman of Mbake Ward in Konshisha Local Government Area.

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“As in the days when the treachery called the APC party primaries was taking place, I was neither an aspirant nor a member of the Party.”

He said it was after he withdrew his candidacy and membership from the APC that he joined the Labor Party to continue the search for a platform to offer as a viable alternative to the Benue people.

“This quest was rewarded with a resounding victory when I emerged victorious as the Labor Party’s gubernatorial candidate in a Party-led free and fair primary in Makurdi on June 9, 2022. I consider it a misdeed malicious and intentional that the APC continues to list my name as participating in their treacherous drills.

The two-term legislator representing Jechira Federal Constituency noted that “other than intentional mischief, there is therefore no reason for APC managers in Benue State to continue to present my name as than participating in their party’s activities.

“In the most ridiculous way imaginable, they gave me votes as it suited them
in the shambolic exercise of May 29, as well as the second so-called “rebroadcast” episode of June 9, 2022.

“This press release is intended to draw public attention to the wrongdoings of the APC and to disassociate me from the party and its alleged activities.

“In addition to this press release, I have instructed my attorneys to take legal action against the APC for their persistent and malicious lying against me,” he said.

Hembe added that while the APC continues to squirm in deadly spasms of self-inflicted wounds, the Labor Party has begun the process of mobilizing the people of Benue to chart a new course for their collective destiny.

“I am proud and honored to be at the forefront of this new beginning. And my message to the people of Benue is simple: don’t pass out, help is on the way,” Hembe said.

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