‘If you’re a drumming captain your first role is racing’: Karim says IPL mainstay needs ‘batting improvement’ | Locust

Former Indian cricketer Saba Karim has expressed his desire to see Mumbai Indian captai Rohit Sharma perform better with bat in the IPL and convert his brilliant international cricket form in the second half of the IPL 2021 to come.

Speaking in an interview on YouTube channel Khelneeti, Saba said that “there is a need for improvement in her hitter” and that Sharma’s most important role in the team is that of a hitter.

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“There is a need for improvement in his shot. He’s the captain and the Mumbai Indians are winning trophies under him, that’s a different thing. They have a lot of match winners so his performance doesn’t get a lot of attention. ‘Warning.

“His most important role in the team is that of a batsman … He is a special case. Every time he goes to IPL he is in great shape in international cricket but fails to make it. convert during the tournament, ”explained Karim.

Former wicket keeper Karim also noted that players often feel the weight of the captain which then affects their batter. Further adding to his point, Karim commented that it is very important “for a captain to have that clarity when he goes to bat”.

“I sometimes have the impression that a player is too engrossed in the captain’s position and that his concentration may falter due to the strike,… If you are a captain-batsman, your first role is to racing with the bat The captain improves with the confidence of the stick, which also happened in the case of Rohit Sharma.

“However, when you’ve been a captain for a long time, the focus, preparation and temperament you need are disrupted. As a captain you tend to think more about hitting and bowling strategies… This is very important for a captain to have that clarity when he goes to bat. I expect to see that change in his stick this time around, I hope it’s not against the Delhi Capitals though. “

Although defending champions Mumbai have enjoyed immense success in recent years, the exit of 34-year-old Sharma with the bat has been uninspiring. As of 2017, he’s averaged less than 30 each season. Even in the first IPL 2021, he only scored 250 points in seven games.

The five-time champions of the Mumbai Indians, currently 4th in the standings, will resume their campaign against the Chennai Super Kings on Sunday, September 19.

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