India field exercise in England labeled ‘unnecessary’ by fans ahead of training match in Durham

The Indian cricket team’s A-String is set to start their first training match against County Select XI in Durham starting today, but it’s training session for yesterday which left fans completely confused and agitated.

In a video shared by the official Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Twitter account, team coach R Sridhar broke down the two drills the men in blue underwent in order to work on their shots direct caught. and throw the ball towards the end of the pitcher. This was followed by an “armpit throw competition” which was supposed to help athletes “boost morale and improve their agility and fitness”.

Sridhar then described the whole installation and what happened next.

“We had two teams, one was obviously Virat, Rohit and most of them in one team and the other was completely taken over by Ashwin and Pujji, so it was a tight competition. After some setbacks from the scoreboard and some debate… in the end, the Virat team won the competition with a 10-8 lead over the other team, ”he said.

“Pujji and Ashwin were convinced they had won, the scoreboard was 10-8, but these two were convinced that I had cheated on the side of the winning team,” added Sridhar.

Regardless of the detailed breakdown of the drills, fans were not convinced of their exact effectiveness, especially in improving their batting and bowling performance (something in which they were completely outclassed by the New Zealand roster during of the Final of the World Trial Championship. Here is how they reacted:

Sridhar then spoke about his level of satisfaction with the team’s fitness level and how each member of the team felt motivated and mentally focused ahead of the five-game test series against the team. host England team.

“This step, I am extremely happy with the way we started. On Day 1 we had them inducted with a lot of throws and catches which was very satisfying. It went well, there was no stiffness the next morning. And yesterday we worked a lot one-on-one with the players, talking to them, telling them what we expected of them individually and how they can be a crucial part of the squad in terms of contributions on the pitch. So we had a lot of individual exercises designed especially for them. Sridhar said.

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