Inspired by his Grandfather, John Dingle Creates Custom Maple Baseball Bats | Local News

The duo can now produce 300 to 400 baseball bats per year, which comes in three models for adults, a model for youth, lighter bats for coaches or as a trophy bat. Most bats are sold online on Dingbat’s website, but the company started selling at Madison Mallards’ Duck Pond last season and has bats in stock at a few other retailers in the area.

Dingle purchases the maple wood needed to make a baseball bat, which comes in the form of a 3-inch stud called a billet or blank, from a supplier in New York City. Each bat takes about 45 minutes to shape on the lathe and 2 or 2 and a half hours in total to complete completely, including varnishing, painting and etching, said Dingle, who is married and has two sons.

D’Orazio’s ties to the local baseball scene allowed the company to grow, which now supplies the majority of Home Talent Baseball League teams and sells bats to other adult amateur leagues.

Dingle, a former professional teacher at Vitense Golfland for 12 years, still has a full time job in property management. He calls his woodworking, which also includes making signs, Christmas ornaments and other decorations, a “side crush”.

“A lot of people want a local product, to support a local business,” Dingle said. “I like to think we have a great product. We haven’t really had to deal with a lot of breakage. I think our customers are very happy with our product.”

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