Jack Huston as Lasher in Anne Rice’s adaptation

AMC’s television adaptation of Anne Riceit is The life of the Mayfair witches the trilogy of books has just been added Boardwalk Empire actor jack huston to its hard core. Huston joins the already announced Alexandra Daddario (The White Lotus), Harry Hamlin (Clash of the Titans), and Tongayi Chirissa (iZombie). Esta Spalding will serve as writer and executive producer alongside michelle ashford on the show. Witches of Mayfairwhich appears to be the working title of the upcoming show, is currently filming in New Orleans.

In Witches of Mayfair, Daddario will play Dr. Rowan Fielding, a promising young neurosurgeon who realizes that she is part of a family of witches. Soon, Dr. Fielding finds herself heiress to the witches and must come to terms with her newfound powers. She will also have to face an infamous spirit that has haunted her family for many generations. Huston will play Lasher, a spirit-shifter who has been attached to Rowan’s family for years and has been described as “mysterious and sultry.” This has yet to be confirmed, but it seems likely that Lasher will be the nefarious spirit mentioned above. Hamlin takes on the role of Cortland Mayfair while Chirisa will play a character named Ciprien.

It was revealed in 2020 that the rights to two series of books by Anne Rice, The Vampire Chronicles and The life of the Mayfair witches, were acquired by AMC. The deal included 18 tracks in total. A TV adaptation of Interview with the Vampirewhich was previously a hit 1996 film starring Tom Cruise and brad pitt, will also debut later this year on AMC and AMC+. Rice was originally going to serve as executive producer on any adaptations of her work that AMC would attempt, but sadly, she passed away in December 2021. Her son Christopher was also set to serve as executive producer on adaptations of his mother’s work. .

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Jack Huston, part of the famous Huston family which includes legends like walter huston, Jean Hustonand Angelica Huston, has appeared in many prominent film and television roles. Huston has appeared in the films The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Not Disappearance, American Hustle, Ben-Hur, The Irishman, Antebellumand more recently Gucci House. He also performed in shows Mr. Mecedes, Manhunt: Deadly Games, and Fargo. Houston will then appear in the next films Wash me in the river, Hail Maryand Unit 234as well as the upcoming series Expats featuring Nicole Kidman.

Witches of Mayfair currently does not have an official release date.


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