JD (S) presents Muslim candidates to help BJP in polls: Congress

Senior Muslim congressional leaders have questioned Janata Dal-Secular’s (JD-S) polling strategy of only fielding Muslim candidates during secondary ballots.

Speaking to the media here on Sunday, former UT Minister Khader, MP Rizwan Arshad and MLC Naseer Ahmed accused the JD (S) of putting forward “minority candidates” only during the polls to ensure a reduction in the share the votes of Congress and help the BJP win the elections.

“Even during the Basavakalyana polls, the JD (S) presented a Muslim candidate. This resulted in the defeat of the Congressional candidate by just 10,000 votes, the same number of votes that candidate JD (S) had obtained. The JD (S) would never present a Muslim candidate from Hassan, Ramanagara and Channapatna, although there is a significant number of Muslim voters in these constituencies, ”Naseer said.

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Responding to former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy’s accusations against Assembly opposition leader Siddaramaiah that the Congress leader had “finished” Muslim leaders in Congress, they said, Kumaraswamy should think twice. times before making such baseless claims. “Siddaramaiah has helped several Muslim leaders become ministers, deputies and MLC. What did Kumaraswamy do for Muslims? During his coalition government, he gave no ministerial post to a single Muslim candidate, ”they said and added that the JD (S) leader should not use the feelings of minorities to settle his issues. accounts with Siddaramaiah.

“It must only happen in Karnataka that a leader of one opposition party criticizes the leader of another opposition party while remaining silent on the ruling party,” Khader said and questioned Kumaraswamy’s silence on the “murder” of farmers in Uttar Pradesh. The JD (S) claims to be a party of farmers; yet party leaders did not express their anguish over the murder of UP farmers. neither does the JD (S) question the state government about fuel prices or rising commodity prices, he said.

Rizwan asked the JD (S) to make it clear whether he was in alliance with the BJP in the state, as the party was secretly protecting the BJP government on all controversial issues, including the Cow Slaughter Bill and the conflict. land of Chanakya University.

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