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COLOMBO: Indian spinner Kuldeep Yadav begs to differ from skeptics who were ready to write his cricket epitaph after a few poor performances, but believes doubt sets in when a player is neglected for long periods of time.

Kuldeep, who was an automatic pick until the 2019 World Cup, is not in the main squad pattern at the moment.

Many felt that his 0/84 against England in Pune earlier this year was the death knell for the 26-year-old from Kanpur.

“I never thought my white ball career was over after that game against England. There are times when you will go for races. I had four and five wicket passes and it would be better if people are starting to talk about those achievements too, “Kuldeep told media after an impressive 2/48 against Sri Lanka in the first ODI on Sunday.

“One or two bad games doesn’t end a career. I think anyone who’s played the game and has knowledge of the game knows that.

“The track in Pune (during the series in England) was very good for the hitters and the spinners didn’t have a lot of help. There are times when the wicket isn’t right for you,” said Kuldeep, who has 107 wickets. of 64 ODI.

But sport can be lonely, especially in COVID times and bubble life, when you spend a lot of time in a closed environment and don’t stand a chance.

Kuldeep has been in and around the squad without much playing time and that is having its detrimental effects.

“It’s a tough life in the bubble and more so when you’re not playing when doubt sets in. A lot of people want to help you, talk to you but when you talk to too many people you create a new kind of. doubts, ”said the man, known for his outspokenness.

However, he accepts that in team sport you have to be patient as the odds may not come easily.

He was under pressure before the first ODI but the words of wisdom from trainer Rahul Dravid helped ease his nerves.

“The pressure and nervousness will always be there when you play after a long time and I played after a long time. It happens because you want to do well.

“At the start, Rahul sir supported me a lot, motivated me, he told me a lot of things but above all that I needed to enjoy my game … I’m happy that it worked … “

One of the main changes he made after poor form for India and KKR was to vary the pace of his deliveries, which was evident against the Lankan batsmen.

“I made a few changes because during the first innings it was slow and dry with the turns on offer. I varied the pace depending on the drummer I was playing with.

“There were times when I was trying to get the ball flying and there were times when I increased the pace of my deliveries. My idea was to make sure that the batsmen didn’t set up at a particular pace. “It has been as long as Kuldeep and Chahal have been able to play together in an international match.

“We share a good level of comfort so I was happy that we played together after a long time. We support each other and whenever necessary we tell each other what needs to be done.

“There is a lot of bond between us and that helps us to perform. The best part is that our performance helped the team win,” he signed.

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