LCS power ranking: 2021 Summer Split week 7

The one-season marathon that the LCS has given itself this year will soon come to an end. Teams are expected to play just six more competitions on their 45-game schedule to close out the regular season. And as the finish line approaches, the league landscape is more cohesive than it has ever been this year.

Mathematically speaking, any of the top five teams in the LCS can still finish in first place, while none of the bottom five is necessarily knocked out of the playoff race just yet. With eight teams all set to reach the playoffs with the top three gearing up to advance to the League of Legends World Championship later this year, it’s obvious the LCS is getting fiercely competitive as it enters its home stretch.

With that in mind, here are our LCS power rankings for the final two weeks of the LCS season.

Rank Team Rank change
1) 100 thieves
2) TSM
3) Evil geniuses
4) Cloud 9 +1
5) Team liquid -1
6) Dignitas
7) Gold keepers +2
8) Immortals -1
9) FlyQuest -1
ten) CLG

Reconstructions on the horizon: FlyQuest, CLG

Photo by Tina Jo via Riot Games / ESPAT

There isn’t much to say about CLG. Another winless weekend left the team with five straight losses. All the team can do is wait for the slow and painful march to the finish line to finally end in an anti-climatic fashion. The team tried to re-energize their playoff chances by adding former 100 mid laner Thieves Damonte to the starting lineup after recovering him in free agency, but the three-year veteran posted a KDA of 0, 7 in his first three games with CLG. Maybe this week he’ll prove himself worthy of a place on next year’s core roster, but so far the pitch is unstable and the team’s rebuilding process has gone from bad to worse. worse.

FlyQuest, on the other hand, is rebuilding itself at breakneck speed while playing relatively well considering the team played their Academy roster on the LCS stage for the second week in a row. The Minor Leaguers have won four of their last six games and honestly, there’s no reason to take them out. If the season ended today, FlyQuest would barely qualify for the playoffs while fielding a team of relatively unproven variables. If these young players can gain some great region playoff experience from the start, it will do wonders for their development. They play Liquid, Cloud9 and Dignitas this weekend, three teams that have already clinched playoff spots.

A Mishmash of Mediocrity: Dignitas, Golden Guardians, Immortals

Photo via Riot Games

Dignitas was buzzing in sixth place until they surprised everyone with their biggest win in the division over a team of 100 first place thieves that have been experimenting in recent times. But not in this game. Of course, Ssumday played Dr Mundo and huhi chose Tahm Kench as a backer (Ablazeolive, eat your heart), but Dignitas downright slaughtered the best team in North America and picked Kayn as the backer. doing. Neo also deserves a shout out for a guy who made a name for himself earlier in 2021 on Kalista. He finds a ton of success in a different role on Ziggs, despite that champion being busted right now. Fun fact about Dignitas: They are the only team with a record of head-to-head wins against Evil Geniuses in 2021 (3-2).

The Golden Guardians are playing really well League right now, and in their current form, they’re barely ahead of the Immortals for seventh place in our power rating. They have tripled their winning streak since spring this summer and Licorice is playing like a man possessed. Mid laner Ablazeolive stole the show with a solid performance over Tahm Kench (you read that right) and without Danny he would be the fleeing rookie in the split. He still deserves serious consideration, especially since he doesn’t have the benefit of being raised by a better team and veteran support. But that’s a whole different conversation.

The immortals could be the poster children for this caption. The hottest team to start the division then had a 0-3 week to follow it – a feat they repeated two weeks ago before rebounding with a 2-1 performance in the seventh. week. Their team cohesion is clearly one of their strengths in the sense that in any given game a different player can bear. Based on the experience, the depth, the cohesion, and all of those other things that don’t bring out the highlights but push you to the limit when it counts, Immortals seem in a better position to crush the party at the time of the dead. playoffs as Golden Guardians. But for now, the lack of consistency in the top leaves them a firm level below sixth place.

Walking on water: Cloud9, Team Liquid

Photo by Tina Jo via Riot Games / ESPAT

It is practically astonishing that C9 and Liquid, the two finalists in the last division, are both excluded from the top five of our power ranking (in addition to the actual LCS ranking). Both teams played well enough to stay in the race for the LCS playoffs, but failed to live up to the standards they each set in the spring. To be overtaken so categorically by teams like 100 Thieves and EG, teams they had parted ways with during the Spring Split, is a bad sign.

These next two weeks could make or break C9’s season, in particular, as they will host 100 Thieves, TSM, EG and Liquid in the final two weeks of the regular season. Winning or losing even a handful of those games could be the difference between a fifth place finish and a climb to the top of the league.

Keep in mind that the LCS is only getting three seeds at the Worlds this year, with one of those teams most likely scheduled to make the preliminary play phase of the tournament. Not earning a top-three seed in the LCS playoff bracket would be a bad first step for either organization. There is no room for C9 or Liquid to continue slipping so far from the top three that they end up missing the Worlds, lest the 2021 season be seen as a dramatic failure on all fronts.

Stand on Top: 100 Thieves, TSM, Evil Geniuses

Photo by Tina Jo via Riot Games / ESPAT

The past weekend was a shock for fans and teams. On the first day of Week 7 alone, all of the top LCS teams (other than Liquid) were defeated by their underdog opponents in an almost one-sided fashion. For 100 Thieves and TSM, however, they bounced back. But after regaining a foothold, they were again greeted by an EG ready to strike.

We can’t talk about EG’s success without mentioning Danny. This rookie ADC has outperformed some of the best ADCs in LCS, including the FBI and Zven, and he makes that incredibly easy. In the 21 games of this division, Danny had 91 eliminations, the most players in this division, according to Oracle Elixir. When Danny isn’t busy being his team’s spokesperson and nearly allowing EG to rack up an 11-game winning streak, he works alongside a team of talented veterans who have consistently shown up and shown. .

Last weekend alone EG made winning over Dignitas and the new FlyQuest roster easy. Still, the weekend wasn’t perfect for the roster, as a loss to the Golden Guardians didn’t seem out of place for the team, although Danny on Syndra instead of a typical ADC couldn’t -being not been the best decision. EG remains in third place in our power rankings this week, although this time they sit there much more comfortably.

When it comes to 100T and TSM at the top of the scale, they continue to look as dominant as ever. The individual members of each team continue to improve their performance and showcase the synergy they bring to the table that has taken them so far. Their losses on the first day of week seven can’t be reduced to just one player in particular, but the solid return from those games shows just how confident both teams are in their skills.

There’s not much new to say about these two teams this week, other than the fight for first and second place in the Summer Split Finals will likely continue to be a brutal battle between them, unless that another team does not break through. 100T and TSM are still performing to the best of their ability and prove why they’ve always been the best teams in the LCS right now, so they remain in the first and second place respectively in this week’s power standings.

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