‘Little League Park:’ Rangers manager gets shot at Yankee Stadium dimensions


The Rangers and Yankees shared a doubleheader on Sunday. He moved the Yankees to 19-8 on the season, good enough for first place in the AL East. Rangers went 11-15, but they’ve actually won five of their last six games. And the only loss in that came on Sunday morning, which ended with a Gleyber Torres home run – as seen here:

As we know, Yankee Stadium’s right-field porch is notoriously short, though it’s not as drastic to get into the gaps and probably not as over the top as public sentiment among non-Yankee fans. Yet the reputation persists. Just ask Rangers manager Chris Woodward:

Yeah, there it is. 🔥🔥🔥. A little league park! It will definitely make headlines. He won this one. Of course, there’s a thing called Statcast that measures everything these days and moves to the gap at Yankee Stadium — as noted earlier — that’s not too bad. Torres’ shot wasn’t up to the mark, but the gap to the center right is 385 and that’s deeper than the average stadium.

And as mentioned in the tweet above, Torres’ home run leaves the yard in 26 of MLB’s 30 baseball fields. Like I said, we have tools that measure anything in 2022.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone was asked about the comment and had a pretty funny response.

It’s true! You can’t specifically hit 99 percent before 100. If Torres’ fly ball would have been knocked out in 29 of 30 parks, that’s 96.667 percent.

As humorous in all of this, Rangers came up on the board with that Eli White homer in Game 2 of the doubleheader.

This one reached 342 feet and, based on available metrics, would be a home run in just two of MLB’s 30 baseball diamonds.

It’s a good time to say that during a nine-inning game, both teams are able to take advantage of the stadium’s dimensions an equal number of times.

Then again, it’s kind of funny to see a manager call an opposing stadium “Little League” and witness the fallout that follows. Go crazy, everyone.

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