Look at Smith, the stick of Labuschagne to extend the stay at the fold: Ponting to Root

Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting has asked England skipper Joe Root to examine rival team hitters Steve Smith and Marnus Labuschagne for answers to his extended stay in the crease.

Root, one of the most successful test batsmen in the world, has taken confident starts in both Ashes tests so far, but squandered the advantage by throwing his wicket when the need of the hour was to build on the foundations.

On Saturday, the third day of the second test at the Adelaide Oval, Root and Dawid Malan were strong on 62 and 80 respectively in the opening heats before the English skipper put his bat on a Cameron Green ball which was lifting in the distance. stump, when in reality he could have left it. Steve Smith took a regulatory hold on the first slide that triggered the downfall in tourists.

Even in England’s second leg in the opening test at The Gabba, Root had raised hopes of a retaliation before being caught by wicket keeper Alex Carey from Green for 89.

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Ponting pointed out that technically Root was right up there, but he “didn’t light enough for the ball he’s gone to.”

“It has to be a mental thing,” Ponting told cricket.com.au on Sunday. “There haven’t been any technical errors in his last two layoffs that have caused him to go out. It must be him who isn’t lit enough for the ball he came out of.

“Marnus (Labuschagne) and (Steve) Smith are great examples of how they can find a way to be so turned on for so long. It’s all about focus with Joe (Root) and the captain position. probably doesn’t help either, (spending) long stretches of time on the pitch when your team isn’t doing so well. Lately they haven’t been doing so well with their test results, “Ponting said. .

Ponting, who is also the head coach of the Delhi Capitals Indian Premier League (IPL) team, also pointed out that coming to bat after spending nearly two days in the field would also have taken a toll on Root.

“All of these things take their toll on you. He spent a day and three quarters in the field before going into bat. I know it’s Test cricket and everyone’s been there, but you’re probably over. likely to make a mistake after being in the field for two days than coming out fresh. “

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