Major League Baseball Announces World Tour Called “Home Run Derby X”

In recent months, Major League Baseball has taken steps to help bring baseball to the world, primarily with the inclusion of more cities participating in international series, which take place during the regular season.

Their most recent step towards spreading the American past is a world tour called “Home Run Derby X”, which will take place in several cities around the world, such as Seoul, Mexico City and London, by ESPN.

The tour itself is a series of home derbies, where batters will face 25 pitches with just 10 swings allowed on a smaller baseball field. The scoring system in Home Run Derby X is different from that of the original Home Run Derby, with batters receiving points for hitting the ball at targets approximately 160 feet from home plate. Players can score even more points for home runs. The opposing team, which runs down the field, can also score points by catching balls that do not leave play.

The final scoring quirk: Both teams are allowed to call a “hot streak”, which results in any runs earned via the next five throws being doubled. This applies to both attack and defense.

The four teams that will participate in the first tour of “Home Run Derby X” are the Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees. Each team will feature former baseball stars, including Nick Swisher for the Yankees, Adrian Gonzalez for the Dodgers, Jonny Gomes for the Red Sox and Geovany Soto for the Cubs.

In addition to a few former players, each roster will also include a player from the softball and women’s baseball world, a rookie from their respective club, and even content creators.

As it stands, each team’s rosters are as follows:

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Cubs: Geovany Soto, Alex Hugo, Spencer Owen

Dodgers: Adrian Gonzalez, Ashton Lansdell, Yoongy Kwak

Red Sox: Jonny Gomes, Paige Halstead, Liv Cooke

Yankees: Nick Swisher, Erika Piancastelli, Sefania Aradillas (Mexico only), Daniel Corral

The recruits of each team will be named later.

According to ESPN.

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