Miller, Meals are the umpire team leaders in the LCS | Major League Baseball

HOUSTON (AP) – Bill Miller will be the umpire team leader for the AL Championship Series which kicks off Friday night in Houston and Jerry Meals will lead the team for the NL Championship Series.

The Boston Red Sox visit the Astros for Game 1 of their best-of-seven game. The Los Angeles Dodgers play in Atlanta on Saturday night to open the NLCS.

Regular season crew chief Dan Iassogna, Laz Diaz, Rob Drake, Alan Porter, David Rackley and Jim Wolf also work at the ALCS. Diaz, Porter and Wolf were on the field for the NL Jokers game.

Regular Season Crew Chief Mark Carlson, Jordan Baker, Lance Barksdale, Tripp Gibson, James Hoye and Todd Tichenor will join Meals for the NLCS. Meal, Baker, Carlson and Hoye called the game AL Jokers.

All seven referees from each LCS team could work the plate once in the series. There will be six umpires on the field for each game – one umpire will be in reserve in the event of an injury the day before his scheduled assignment at home plate.

Referees Cory Blaser, Marvin Hudson and Nic Lentz will work in the LCS replay room.

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