Mohammad Azharuddin in the late 90s was a remarkable player due to his athleticism: R Sridhar

Former Indian team coach R Sridhar praised former Indian skipper Mohammad Azharuddin for his brilliant commissioning during his playing days.

The Indian cricket team have been fortunate to have great field players through different eras and many of them have set benchmarks in the field of the pitch.

Mohammad Azharuddin from 1985 to 1990 would have been a brilliant outfielder even now: R Sridhar

Ravindra Jadeja is recognized as one of the most advanced field players in the current Indian squad and Sridhar has classified Azharuddin, who has 261 catches under his belt in international cricket, in the same ranks as the all-rounder from Saurashtra.

“It’s hard to judge through different eras and on terrain judged by different standards. In the 1980s, when Ajju bhai (Azharuddin’s nickname in Indian cricket) made its debut, there was no culture of fitness in Indian cricket.

“It only started in the late 90s and Ajju Bhai stood out because of his athleticism and because he had good hands, good throws. The benchmark was probably different, ”Sridhar told the PTI news agency.

Mohammad Azharuddin (Image credit: Getty)

Jadeja is someone who is pleasing to the eye even when chasing a ball to the limit. He is cut over the rest in world cricket. It was the same with Azhar in his day. Azhar from 1985 to 1990 would have been a brilliant outfield player even now, whether it was slips, closings or lightning in the outfield, ”he added.

Rohit Sharma is an excellent outfielder: R Sridhar

Fielding in the slides is something that requires a lot of patience and concentration, especially in trial cricket. R Sridhar has named a few Indian players who are better in the slip area, but named Rohit Sharma as an outstanding defensive player.

With practice comes confidence and also the knowledge of this position which brings consistency. Obviously, being a certainty helps (smile). When you are a sure thing on the team, it helps you become a better sliding field player, ”Sridhar said.

Watch: Rohit Sharma's Unseen One-Handed Stun in Lord's Test
Watch: Rohit Sharma’s Unseen One-Handed Stun in Lord’s Test

“That’s why we had Pujara, then Virat, then Rohit, who is an excellent slide fielder. The right person standing in the right place brings consistency. It’s part of the planning and preparation, ”he added.

Azharuddin is ranked third in the list for most captures by an Indian player after Virar Kohli (272) and Rahul Dravid (333).

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