Monday Mailbag: Clemson, play-calling and quarterbacks

There are occasional weekends throughout the year where I end up hating the sport. At the very least, it was one of them. Florida State lost to Clemson with some questionable calls down the home stretch, my favorite NBA team the Boston Celtics lost in double overtime, and Jameis Winston reportedly suffered an ACL injury against Tampa Bay. Normally I would be a little pissed off if I had to attend a wedding next weekend, but now I can’t wait.

Regardless, the pace continues. North Carolina State travels to Tallahassee on Saturday for a clash that could very well decide the fate of the Seminoles Bowl. FSU must win three of their last four games to qualify for the bowling season. The Wolfpack are a formidable opponent and faced Louisville 28-13 last week, a team that beat the ‘Noles earlier this season.

These two teams met in 2020 in Raleigh. NC State came away with a 38-22 victory in Chubba Purdy’s first career start.

Let’s open the mailbag on this beautiful Monday.

Going for the 4th try, with the running game in the middle giving no positive yards all day, I thought it was a very bad decision. – Erica Leonard

Not technically a question but I agree. It was the only time of day I questioned a decision of the coaching staff. Fourth and one, Clemson has you stuffed all afternoon in the middle, and you make it easy for them with the Corbin run.

I would have loved to see an RPO or some game action to put the ball back into Travis’ hands to make the final decision, or even just to keep the field position on your side of the 50s.

With Jordan Travis showing limits in the passing game, do you think next season Purdy or even Duffy will have a real chance to be the starting QB? – Jarrett Leedy

Regardless of how Jordan Travis performs this season, I think the plan has always been for Florida State to host another quarterback competition in 2022. Purdy will enter his third season with the Seminoles and looked solid. in backup action two weeks ago. He certainly has the tools to be a starting flagger as long as he continues to grow.

AJ Duffy may be further away to land the job, but he plans to register early. Getting into the program in January and going through the spring practice can give it a shot outside. Either way, this will provide an off-season discussion.

How come we are afraid of catching puntings in the air? -Marshall Feaman

Dude, I don’t know but it’s maddening. In every game it feels like there is some kind of stupid mistake about special teams. Whether it’s a returner not lining up the ball, missing holes, or groping the ball, it’s mind-boggling.

Florida State didn’t have a good chance against Clemson in the last practice, but Treshaun Ward could have bought some time. I hope the coaching staff will insist on this game all week, however “small” it may have been in the final result.

What about referees in Clemson games? It reminded me of 16. – Michael Carpenter

Even in a season when Clemson doesn’t win, they have to protect the face of the conference. Seriously, those two calls against the Seminoles in the last defensive attack were pretty questionable. The officials had let the wide receivers and defensive backs take care of it all day, but of course, with the game on the line, they suddenly tightened things up. The personal fault was judgment and bad. DJ was still within limits but collapsed like a fish to get the flag.

ACC. Another shitty call.

Please explain why the hell we would play that last piece? Of all the rooms in the universe, why would you run it? -Marc André

There’s one game to play, 67 yards to go and you need a touchdown. Travis just showed in the last game that he didn’t have the arm to greet Marie and Clemson was playing with several deep defenders.

What’s your play appeal, genius?

Why don’t we play Milton or Chubb? – Morgan McNeill

What will change? We have seen what McKenzie Milton can do. His injury severely limited his mobility and he cannot hold behind the Florida State offensive line. In addition, Milton’s speed is not the same as before.

As for Purdy, I’m not sure he’s giving the Seminoles a better chance of winning right now than Travis. They may have more advantages in the passing game, but this team doesn’t have the weapons to showcase their strengths.

What are the odds of Travis Jay going to wide receiver? – @ seminolecam94

Well, that will probably be his only chance to contribute to Florida State in the future. Jay was played off the field as a defensive back and Clemson took advantage of him for a touchdown on Saturday. He was no better as a returner, fumbling around and essentially giving up the only points in the victory over UMass.

I expected Jay to take a giant leap and become a potential star this season. It just didn’t happen.

What is the overall record of the FSU basketball and football teams when you send Austin to cover the game? – @ rossynole10

It’s funny…

Austin claims he has a 101-35 total when he attends Florida State football and basketball games. All that matters to me is this season and he’s 0-3 (Notre Dame, Wake Forest and Clemson).

Do you think the Noles can finish .500 or more with the remaining calendar? – Rob

It will certainly not be easy. The last four games are against NC State (6-2), Miami (4-4), Boston College (4-4) and Florida (4-4). It’s more manageable than August, but it’s still a tough challenge.

Florida State is 3-5 and must win three of those four to reach 6-6 to qualify for a bowl. This loss to Jacksonville State stings even more at the moment.

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