Nets negotiate with Kevin Durant to stay while offering trade deals

While Kevin Durant continues to favor a trade from the Brooklyn Nets and the trade offers the team has received have not satisfied them, both sides have remained in limbo throughout the offseason. The Nets will continue to listen to trade offers, but they’re also hoping Durant changes his mind and gives their team another chance this season.

“What kind of developed in those 47 days is we now kind of have two different negotiations,” Brian Windhorst said on NBA Today on Tuesday. “One, of course, is all the teams interested in Kevin Durant and the Nets. We just haven’t seen significant traction with any of these deals. The Nets’ asking price is very high. Their effect of leverage to get those teams that are interested in offering so much just hasn’t materialized.

“The other negotiation that’s developing right now is between Durant and the Nets. This separate negotiation about what he would like him to come back to. That’s what a lot of the discussion he had with the owner Joe Tsai in London about 10, 11 days Joe Tsai and the Nets believe they have a great team. They don’t believe they have a good trade for Kevin Durant. They want him to consider coming back. But Durant made it very clear that he doesn’t want to play for the Nets in the current situation with the current coach and the current general manager.

“You have to wonder, what’s the avenue? What’s the avenue for Kevin Durant to move forward with the Nets? Because he was told about trade. He was told no about Steve being fired. Nash. He was told no about firing Sean Marks. So where do we go from here?”

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