New London scores three points down seventh to eliminate Savages

NEW LONDON – The New London High School baseball team were on their last three strikeouts.

Frustrated and dominated for the first six innings, the football season seemed to be shaping up closer for the Tigers than a trip to the state baseball tournament.

The Tigers may have been taken down, but they were never taken out.

New London rallied to score three runs late in the seventh inning to end an unlikely 4-3 victory over Sigourney in a Class 1A district final on Saturday night.

The victory propelled New London (25-1) into the sub-state final to face Mount Ayr (21-4) at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Oskaloosa High School. The winner will advance to the State Tournament July 26-29 at Merchant Park in Carroll.

Sigourney, who dominated the Tigers in all three phases of the game for six innings, ends the season with a 19-6 record.

Sigourney, like many teams this season, has discovered the hard way that the Tigers may be down, but they never are.

New London's Ryan Richey defeats Savages wide receiver Jake Moore's throw to score for a knockout victory to end the District 9 Class 1A final against Sigourney in New London on Saturday.

“It’s just crazy,” said New London junior third baseman Ryan Richey, who put in a perfect shot to start the lift in the seventh inning. just amazing to watch. You can’t describe the feeling. It’s just a great feeling to feel and I hope we will continue to feel it throughout the process.

“I was nervous but I keep playing the game,” said New London junior Josh Catala, who pitched the first four innings and produced the winning run with the choice of a defensive player. “It was just one more game and one more. batting. We did the job. The team did the job. We played well this last round and we ended it.

“Everyone was moving, talking. We were all super. We knew what we could do and we did it, “said Michael Raines, freshman from New London, who had a run in the seventh after being hit by a pitch.

New London's Tucker Gibbar pulls a ball out of play against the Sigourney Savages in the District 9 Class 1A Final in New London on Saturday.

New London, who only had two hits against Sigourney pitcher Cade Streigle in six innings, had their biggest inning of the season in the busiest game of the season.

Carter Allen opened the seventh with a center field single. Camden Kasel followed with a walk, bringing in Richey, who had trebled in the third inning and scored the Tigers’ lone run so far.

Richey landed a perfect bunt on the third base line, charging the goals without an out.

“You just have to go. You think, ‘Dude, I have to beat this.’ You have to do your best, “said Richey.” It’s just to work on it in training. I trust myself knowing that if I get a good shot, I can put the cushion down and get the job done. “

“The first two guys to go head to head were huge,” New London head coach Brad Helmerson said. “I knew Ryan was going to do it. It’s going to be a tough game for anyone out there if they hit the ball decently along the third base line. We’ve been doing a lot of work on the sparrow this week. That little ball often comes into play. When he was safe at first, it just opened the huge door. “

New London's Kooper Schulte tries to hit Sigourney's Cade Molyneux by stealing the second base.  Molyneux was withdrawn by the referee for going over the goal.  This happened in the District 9 Class 1A Finals in New London on Saturday.

Brenden Richey called with a ball on the ground to shortstop Josh Mohr, who momentarily slid the ball, then threw to receiver Ty Shafranek trying to force the out. But Shafranek dropped the shot, allowing Allen to score and bring the Tigers back to 3-2.

Raines, who made a mistake on second base that cost his team a point, redeemed himself. He was pierced by an inside throw from Streigle, forcing to Kasel with the tied point.

“It was really huge. I went over there and I was talking to (Assistant Coach Justin) Schulte and he told me to ‘step on the plate’. Try to get a hit. Do whatever you can to get the base to get us the win, ”Raines said. “It was a big mistake at the start. It was my pain. I told them all it was my fault. I shouldn’t have made the mistake. But we came back and got the “W”.

“I’m just happy with the result for a few of them,” Helmerson said. “Mikey Raines nudged early on. It was a huge batting for him. It thwarts the little mistake he made on second base earlier.”

New London's Ryan Richey screams off the New London bench after hitting a triple against Sigourney in the District 9 Class 1A final in New London on Saturday.

That left things to Catala, the Tigers’ first hitter who hits a solid .455. Catala delivered the winning shot, a shortstop scorer. Mohr struggled to line up the ball and Ryan Richey crossed the plate with the decisive run before the throw came.

“We’re a team that always thinks the game doesn’t end until the last out of the last set. We have faith, ”Catala said.

“In these last rounds, you have to stay on your feet. That’s what winners do, ”Richey said.

Seth Bailey of New London lost a shot but ended up riding in treacherous territory in the District 9 Class 1A final against Sigourney in New London on Saturday.

Streigle had the Tigers’ number for the first six innings. He struck out nine batters in the first six innings and allowed just two hits.

But as many teams have discovered the hard way this season, the Tigers may be down, but they never are.

“They did a really good job. They played the game for six innings, ”Catala said of the Savages. “But we played the game for the last set and we got the ‘W’.

“They got ready for this time. That’s what showed. They didn’t get nervous. They didn’t really get tight. I thought we were tighter in the first run than we were in the seventh. Awesome team. Awesome crowd. Awesome success, “Helmerson said.” With these guys you don’t have to worry that they’ll stop fighting. They will continue to fight until the last outing. “

Sigourney. 002. 010. 0 – 3 4 1

New London. 001. 000. 3 – 4 5 3

WP – Kooper Schulte (1-0). LP – Cade Streigle (4-2). Top hitters –New London: Ryan Richey 2-3. 3B – Richey. RBI –New London: Josh Catala 2, Brenden Richey 1, Michael Raines 1.

Recordings: Sigourney 19-6; New London 24-1.

New London pitcher Seth Bailey throws the ball to first baseman Carter Allen during an out attempt in the District 9 Class 1A final against Sigourney in New London on Saturday
Josh Catala of New London was the starting pitcher against the Sigourney Savages for the District 9 Class 1A final in New London on Saturday.

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