“Now I know 100% that there is life after death”

The first few days would see Fielding, Beattie, Torevell and their small crew waking up and filming for 36 hours straight, filling up to 70 tapes with footage. “I can only run on Pro Plus and coffee now,” says Torevell.

After more than 300 episodes, the crew indulged in certain rituals before filming. Fielding still wears a necklace with a charm containing his father’s ashes, a crucifix given to him by his grandmother, and a cast of his grandfather’s fingerprint.

For a time, she painted vast canvases in response to each hunt to try to figure out what happened with each shoot. These days, she settles down with Mary Poppins or Winnie the Pooh to decompress. Despite filming in war zones, Beattie insists Most Haunted is the scariest job he’s ever done. “I’ve been around the world and found myself in stupid situations,” he says. “And yet they fade into insignificance when you walk down a hall and think something might jump out at you at any moment, because you don’t know what it is. Every step you take could change your belief system.

Perhaps Most Haunted’s highest form was its celebrity-led spin-off Ghosthunting With…, which sent the likes of McFly, the cast of The Only Way is Essex and Louis Walsh and Boyzone into the mouths of fans. hell across the UK.

Girls Aloud were the first famous Ghostbusters – or four-fifths of the bunch, anyway, as Nadine Coyle put it in the bottle. Cheryl Tweedy became the chief antagonist, challenging a ghost to “just hit the f______ table”. A strong clone followed. Pandemonium has broken out.

“Cheryl, you whore! Tweedy’s bandmate, Sarah Harding, shouted as the group ran from the room. ” Why did you do it ? The poltergeist will take revenge later by brushing Tweedy’s finger. Such terrors did not deter her, however, and Fielding says she longed to hunt again with her then-husband, Chelsea and England footballer Ashley Cole.

They were late replacements for the original first guest. Robbie Williams was such a fan of Most Haunted that he knocked on Fielding’s door while she was waiting to be interviewed on Jonathan Ross’ chat show. “He walked into the locker room and sat down with me and Karl. He just continued, ‘I really like your show, I’m really into all of this, I like UFOs, I like ghosts.’ , we went back to his place in London that night, and we sat there and talked about a show where Robbie and I could present together for ITV2.

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