Oklahoma Little League player consoles Texas pitcher who hit him in the head during LLWS qualifying

Sports are, by nature, conflictual. There is a winner and a loser. But sometimes, between the lines, special moments happen. Sportsmanship prevails. That’s what happened in the Little League World Series qualifier between Oklahoma and Texas East on Tuesday. Texas East right-hander Kaidan Shelton accidentally let a pitch fly away from him, which hit Oklahoma hitter Isaiah Jarvis in the head.

It was a scary moment, as Jarvis fell to the ground. Shelton was clearly embarrassed by what he had done. After being awarded first base after the hit by pitch, the Oklahoma little league baseball player did something that says a lot. Watch the heartwarming moment of sportsmanship between Jarvis and Shelton, courtesy of ESPN.

Jarvis from Oklahoma went to Shelton from Texas East and consoled him on the mound, saying “Hey, you’re doing great.” Shelton’s teammates and coach also joined him on the mound. It was a really special moment in the Little League World Series qualifier.

Jarvis and Shelton are adversaries, yes. Surely they want to fight. But, for a brief moment, they were brothers, bonded by a game they both love.

Sometimes there are moments bigger than the game. Bigger than baseball. It was one of those moments. Moments like these that remind us why we love sports in the first place.

These little league baseball players are undoubtedly burning with competitive fire to win. That’s what got them to where they are.

But on Tuesday afternoon, a little league baseball player from Oklahoma extended a consoling arm to his East Texas counterpart.

It was a teachable moment.

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