Ottens donates $ 15,000 to State Fair Community College to build an innovation center

The State Fair Community College Foundation recently received $ 15,000 from Michael and Christy Otten of Lake of the Ozarks for their Stronger Workforce, Greater Community fundraising campaign to help build the Olen Howard Workforce Innovation Center.

The new building will be located on the Sedalia campus and will expand the college’s ability to meet the growing demand for technical workforce training and strengthen the communities it serves.

State Fair Community College Foundation Executive Director Mary Treuner said, “The foundation and college appreciate the Ottens for supporting our mission of providing relevant and responsive learning experiences that empower students and communities we serve to prosper.

Stronger Workforce, Bigger Community: A fundraising campaign for the Innovation Center and the Olen Howard Center of Excellence was launched last year.

The college opened the new center in December 2020 on the original buildings of State Fair Community College, known as Plywood U.

Information on the project and on-going construction is available at

According to the State Fair Community College, the Olen Howard Workforce Innovation Center and the Fielding Center for Excellence will increase the college’s capacity to deliver workforce training by 200% and improve enrollment by at least 120% in schools. professional and technical fields.

The new workforce training center will house an expanded laboratory and classrooms for welding and precision machining training in the new workforce training center.

The renovations to the Fielding Technical Center will provide a center of excellence for industrial technology, leadership and supervisory skills and logistics training, space for the new pre-apprenticeship program, and a laboratory for climate control, refrigeration and energy, as well as a state-of-the-art manufacturing and robotics laboratory.

With the help of community donors and the SFCC Foundation, State Fair Community is building the Olen Howard Workforce Innovation Center on the Sedalia campus.  The center was named in honor of Howard, a former resident of Sedalia, whose family made a large donation to the building campaign along with Michael and Christy Otten and others.

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