Phillies president highlights important issue to be addressed

This winter, the Philadelphia Phillies won’t “exactly revamp the lounge chairs on the Titanic,” as the old saying goes, but it became clear in late September (again) that some changes will need to be made.

Despite their first winning season in 10 years and being knocked out of the playoffs only on the last day of September, the Fightins weren’t exactly up to the fight they found themselves in at the end of the season. And with Ronald Acuna Jr. returning to Atlanta next season, Philly’s shortcomings at this point seem more – well – short, with no changes.

So, team president Dave Dombrowski gave the first indication of the team’s thinking about the changes on October 6 when he told reporters he was looking for a “mid-roster hitter.” and that Didi Gregorius was informed that he was not guaranteed the start shortstop. slot coming opening day, 2022. Writer Matt Breen posted the news on Twitter at 2:45 p.m.

The Phillies president presented an issue on October 6 that was more easily identified than resolved.

What a year makes a difference, doesn’t it? While it might be a bit silly to talk about the team’s MVPs for the 2020 MLB season, some have felt that Gregorius was, in fact, the Phillies’ most valuable piece in the 60-game masked sprint to the end of the first COVID summer.

This season, to put it mildly, the veteran infielder has fallen off a cliff. Think of Wile E. Coyote. His batting average dropped 75 points to 0.209, and his roster was a little lower than one might expect. His single defense percentage was 17 points below the league average.

Yes, there was a significant medical problem. In June, Gregorius developed pseudogout, an arthritic swelling in his throwing arm, and later claimed that the drugs he was taking had drained his energy. After that, he felt that his COVID-19 vaccination was probably the root of the problem, which experts said was not entirely correct. (It could have caused a brief inflammation if it was already present, according to real medics, but not Gregorius ‘prolonged problem which ultimately caused him to miss the best part of the Phillies’ 61 games.)

Either way, the discussion cut Gregorius’ image as one of MLB’s most responsible players as he played Season 20 for the most part fully masked, both at bat and on the pitch. ground.

On the pitch, his performances weren’t good, even though he managed to complete 54 races in 408 plate appearances. His home run tally, however, was a disappointing 13, just three more than he had touched in 60 games in the previous shortened season.

The problem with Dombrowski’s statement on the 6th, however, is that Gregorius owes $ 15.25million in 22, which would make him a very expensive bench player if he wasn’t the starting shortstop. .

In addition, with the hint of possible surgery on his problematic elbow, an exchange seems unlikely. The Phillies, it seems, may just have an expensive 32-year-old infielder who just had a bad year on their bench.

May be. Manager Joe Girardi is a fan of Didi Gregorius. He stuck with him in the playoff race, as it did, and was even rewarded a few times when his player landed some big hits.

However, common sense seems to suggest something has to be given here after the Phillies president makes his first major off-season statement about a likeable guy who just hasn’t produced.

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