Pro Sports Roundup: Lackluster season for Major League Bulldogs | Georgia Sports

The Major League Baseball season is well underway and the standings are finally starting to stabilize. The Yankees look particularly dominant, and the usual suspects — the Astros, Dodgers and even the Braves — all appear to be playoff contenders.

There are also a number of teams that have disappointed throughout the first half of the season so far, with the Reds and Angels being the most notable of these as they host the only veterans of the league. MLB UGA.

Cincinnati, home of shortstop Kyle Farmer, is the league’s third-worst team, trailing only the Nationals and the Athletics, which have all fallen to the bottom of their respective divisions. With the trade deadline just under a month away, the Reds could be looking to shake up their roster and could sell Farmer to another franchise. On the other hand, the team is riding a four-game winning streak, so the group may be more optimistic than the general public.

Farmer’s strength comes on the defensive side of the ball, with his sure lineup and precise delivery of the baseball. He could certainly help bolster a contending team’s defense, even if his offense leaves something to be desired, which could deter potential suitors. Farmer was hit by a 100 mph fastball in a July 3 outing against the Braves, so a lingering injury could prove problematic for him.

Los Angeles had a very different season than the Reds, and first baseman Jared Walsh was there. The Angels started the year with a 27-17 record, before losing 12 straight games and firing manager Joe Maddon on June 7. Since that decision, the team has gone 10-19, so the issues are far from over.

The difficulty in understanding the Angels is that on paper, the team should be competitive. The list includes Shonei Otahni and Mike Trout, who have both won an MVP award in the past three years. Jared Walsh is in just his fourth campaign with the league, and after showing his potential in previous years, he’s had an uninspiring season so far.

Walsh had 29 home runs and 98 RBIs in the 2021 season, and if he continues at his current rate, he won’t even come close to that previous mark. Regression is never a good sign for a young player, but unless Walsh shows significant improvement in the second half of the season, the Angels may have to reevaluate his future with the team.

Baseball is a streaky sport, despite the austere impression left by the first half of the 2022 MLB season, so players and teams have plenty of time to improve their performance, but with the league’s competitiveness this year , the outlook is looking gloomy.

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