Prolific thieves steal student’s purse at Walkabout in Lincoln and try to get £50 from ATM

Two women stole a student’s purse from a Walkabout table in Lincoln while she was on the dance floor before trying to withdraw £50 with her bank card. Jodie Bailey, 35, stepped out on the anniversary of her child’s death with girlfriend Rebecca Fielding, 38, to ‘block’ the tragedy, Lincoln Magistrates’ Court heard.

The court heard they left with a white bag containing Airpod headphones, a pocket mirror, makeup and a bank card that Mona Abdelmaksoud had left unattended while she was dancing. Prosecutor Shelley Wilson said: “The robbery took place at 1.15am on Saturday April 23.

“The victim is a student. She was at the pub with some friends and she left a small white bag on a table. Rebecca Fielding and Jodie Bailey were in the club and could be seen on CCTV to notice the bag on the table. took the bag with them and left the pub, then attempted to withdraw £50 from an ATM using the bank card.

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“They were arrested by police at Clasketgate. There was a subsequent search of Miss Fielding’s flat and the headphones and make-up were found behind her bedroom headboard.”

The court heard Bailey had 81 prior convictions, including 28 for theft, and Fielding had 27 prior convictions, including 17 theft offences. Bailey, of Friars Lane, Lincoln, and Fielding, of Beaumont Fee, Lincoln, admitted to the theft at Walkabout on April 23.

Mark McNeil, by way of mitigation, said the crime was not premeditated. He said: “It was a bag caught in the crowd. It wasn’t premeditated, not planned. It was opportunistic – they saw the complainant dancing on the dance floor – but it wasn’t an excuse and they shouldn’t have taken it.”

He added: “Miss Bailey had an unfortunate moment. Her child died and it was the anniversary of her child’s death. She wanted to block this.” The court heard that Fielding was progressing “very well” with a community order imposed for a prior offense and left a relationship with a man “who has more offenses than you can shake a stick at”.

Magistrates have been told that Bailey, who accepted that the purse theft put her in breach of parole for shoplifting, is supported by the Offender Management Team. The two women were each fined £120 and ordered to pay £85 in costs and a victim fine surcharge of £34.

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