Rhys Hoskins returns to Philadelphia; Alec Bohm sent down

Reinforcements have finally arrived for the Phillies as they announced Sunday that Rhys Hoskins has returned from the injured list following his groin injury.

Hoskins will be back in the lineup, finishing fifth today for the Phillies as they fight for a series victory over the San Diego Padres.

More surprising, however, is the player the Phillies picked in the matching stroke.

That’s right, former Rookie of the Year finalist Alec Bohm was picked for AAA Lehigh Valley. The young third baseman struggled early in the year at home as his lower defense kept him out of the roster in recent weeks.

Hoskins Return

The Phillies had some misfires without Hoskins’ bat in the lineup. Since losing Hoskins, the Phillies are 5-8, notably being swept away by the Arizona Diamondbacks, who hold last place.

Prior to his injury, Hoskins was on track to hit 37 home runs this season, which would have been the best of his career. Currently sitting at 24 dingers this season, Hoskins will now fight to reach his career high of 34 set in 2018.

Brad Miller has received most first base starts since Hoskins reached the injured list. Beating in the bottom half of the roster, Miller has fallen to 6 for 35 since Aug. 7. Not to mention the fact that Miller ruined Aaron Nola’s perfect match hopes against the Padres (yes, I’m still salty).

With a WAR of 0.0, Miller is literally the “replacement” that the statistic is based on. Compared to Hoskins’ 1.8 WAR over the year, it’s clear to see how much of an impact Hoskins’ return will have on the Phillies’ roster.

Bohm optional

In his first full year in the big leagues, Alec Bohm struggled to stay afloat on the field and at home. While his offense is what matters most to the Phillies, he’s had a real second-year slump this season. Bohm hits for a lousy .645 OPS while racking up 108 strikeouts in the team’s lead this season (just as many as Hoskins and Andrew McCutchen currently)

Then there is his work in the field.

Alec Bohm has a -3 OAA on the year, bad enough to put him in the bottom 12% in baseball. Its 16 errors made lead the team, a bad number to see coming out of the “hot corner”.

While this is a bad sign for the young Phillies cannon, it probably isn’t the last time the Phillies have seen Bohm this season. Quite possibly, as discussed earlier, the Phillies are giving Bohm some time to clear his mind and work on his roster while starting everyday at Lehigh Valley. Hopefully after a few weeks the Phillies will call Bohm back to find him invigorated, reinvigorated and ready for a playoff push.

It’s time to push

With Hoskins returning to the Phillies, the team can hopefully regain some traction on the offensive end of the ball. The team have averaged just 2.77 points per game in Hoskins’ absence, while scoring just two points or less on seven occasions.

Now is the time for the Phillies to move on. With 39 games still to go, time is running out for the Phillies and their hunt for a Red October.

Photo by Rich Graessle / Icon Sportswire

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