Rules changes by MHSAA representative board include expansion of basketball regular season – Macomb Daily

The Michigan High School Athletic Association’s representative board approved several new measures at its winter meeting last week, including extending regular-season basketball schedules by two games.

Starting next winter, basketball programs can schedule 22 games for teams at all levels, bringing the state into line with what is allowed in most other Midwestern states. The mandatory length of pre-season has also been increased from 21 days to 14, allowing teams to play matches after two weeks of training.

Other accepted proposals include:

– A change in how splits are calculated, excluding programs that have struggled to field teams in the sport, to keep splits more aligned with the number of teams actively participating in the playoffs. This attempts to prevent smaller divisions (3 and 4) from ending up with fewer teams, when programs that are counted due to their intent to field a team cannot do so. Teams that intend to play, but have not made the playoffs (either as a team or with individual qualifiers) for two seasons will be removed from the classification process and then must notify MHSAA that they have lined up a team before they did. re added.

– Beginning this spring, athletics regionals and finals will include four events for wheelchair participants – 100, 200 and 400 meter races and shot put – from member schools, while a 100-yard race freestyle will be added to the final swim to accompany the 50-yard freestyle event that has been swimming since 2020.

– The attendance cap for hockey co-op programs is nearly doubled from 2,000 students to a total of 5,500, providing more opportunities for co-op programs which currently make up nearly 50% of MHSAA playoff teams .

– Football teams can opt for a division after the annual publication of the rankings in the spring. The opt-up will last for two years.

Baseball and softball districts will be allowed to begin the week before Memorial Day, easing some of the pitch-count constraints imposed by pre-district games, which are traditionally scheduled on Tuesdays after the holidays. It will also allow for increased participation in several sports (particularly athletics) in the week following the holidays.

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