Shane Steichen Knows All About Chargers QB Justin Herbert

The Los Angeles Chargers visit Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday as a very different kind of test for the Eagles with young quarterback star Justin Herbert leading a well-rounded and explosive attack, and players like rusher Nick Bosa and safety Derwin James the defense standouts. The Eagles coordinators, as they do every Tuesday, met with the media at the NovaCare complex and discussed their respective units.

Shane Steichen knows Justin Herbert too well

No one really talked about it at the time during a dominant win in Detroit, but a singles quarterback Jalen Hurts made on Sunday stood out ahead of offensive coordinator Shane Steichen – a third and 12th. snap from the Philadelphia 8-yard line early in the third quarter, a play on which Hurts saw an opening and ran for 20 yards and a first down to spur a practice that ended up consuming 11 plays, 90 yards and was ended with a touchdown.

“For me it was the game of the game. He got us out of the back, out of scrambling, made some big plays and obviously he was effective in starting the football on Sunday. It was good to see.” , said Steichen.

The Eagles ran for 236 yards in the win. Steichen said the team intended to set the run and that is exactly what they did, with Boston fulls Scott and Jordan Howard running “downhill” and combining for 117 yards and scoring four touchdowns. in 24 races. The merit went way beyond the back, however – it all started at the line of scrimmage and in the boardrooms.

“I think they played together for a while, our offensive line, and they have a great core,” said Steichen. Coach Stout (running game coordinator / offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland) and (assistant offensive line coach) Roy (Istvan) do a great job with these guys. And (Jason) Kelce, his leadership and his abilities, he’s been in the league for a long time and he holds the squad accountable. I think every time you hold a group accountable in a position like this, you will be successful. “

Sunday’s opponent, the Los Angeles Chargers, stars Herbert, whom Steichen coached last season when Herbert was named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Herbert is having another big season and Steichen is not surprised.

He could see Herbert’s great talent right away in 2020.

“Justin Herbert is a hell of a football player after all,” Steichen said. “He’s tall, he has a huge arm, he can fit in the pocket. It’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned being around him, he’s a rookie year. last, he’s able to stay there when the blitz comes and he can take punches, stand there to make the throws. He’s smart, he’s smart. He gets the ball out of his hands. You’ll see on the tape, a lot. many times he kicks his back foot and boom, he sends the ball to the check quickly. He has accelerated vision. Can do it all. A hell of a football player. “

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