SP, BJP lists candidates’ criminal cases; Yogi says Akhilesh is facing ‘rioters’

Acting on the new Election Commission directive, the BJP and Samajwadi Party on Tuesday announced the list of criminal charges against its candidates.

While the Samajwadi Party (SP) listed the ongoing criminal cases against 20 of its candidates, the BJP, on the other hand, listed the criminal cases of its 37 candidates, including Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya with four cases pending criminal charges against him.

The BJP has so far nominated 109 candidates. Uttar Pradesh has 403 seats in the Assembly.

According to the new directive from the Election Commission of India, political parties must publicly declare why they give tickets to people with criminal charges against them and the reasons why other people without criminal backgrounds could not be selected. as candidates.

The BJP’s UP unit has shared details of the criminal cases against 37 of its candidates on its website.

Of Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya, who was seconded from Sirathu, the party said “he is hugely popular not only in his constituency but across the state.” His name was passed by the local district unit on the basis of merit, his social work, his work in the field of uplifting the poor, the party said.

Giving reasons why others with no criminal background could not be selected in his place, BJP’s “Chunav Ayog Sampark Vibhag” said Maurya is the deputy CM and sitting MP, and that he has been involved in business because of “political rivalry”. , and therefore he was preferred to the other candidates.

Regarding Suresh Rana, the BJP candidate of Thana Bhawan, the party said he is a minister in the current and popular government because of his “remarkable work” in freeing farmers’ cane rights.
Similarly, for Sangeet Som, who was dispatched from Sardhana, the BJP said he had been falsely involved in business due to political rivalries.

The Samajwadi party, meanwhile, posted a document on its official Twitter account listing 20 candidates with details of their criminal cases and the rationale for their selection. In several cases, the party said selected candidates worked for public welfare and the upliftment of weaker sections, thereby gaining “tremendous popularity” in their area. The party also said the candidates have helped people during the Covid pandemic. In some cases, the political backgrounds of certain candidate families were mentioned.

Regarding Davendra Agarwal, the PS candidate for the seat of Mathura, the party listed four criminal cases pending against him. The document said a former cabinet minister had falsely implicated him in criminal cases to ruin his political career. He added that charges were filed against him due to political enmity. The report stated that Agarwal was selected because he was better than the other candidates.
Regarding Atul Pradhan, the PS candidate from Sardhana headquarters in Meerut, the party has listed 38 criminal cases pending against him. “The ticket was given to him because he has worked for several years among the people and his political popularity is good. There is no better candidate for this constituency than Atul Pradhan. Most of the cases against him fall under the public interest and political laws,” the party said.

Justifying its decision to line up former MP Yogesh Verma from Hastinapur seat in Meerut against whom 31 criminal cases are pending, the party said he had worked among the people for the past two decades and that he was praised by the people of Hastinapur for his contribution.

Rajesh Kumar Sharma from Fatehabad (Agra), Shaz Ishaq from Koil (Aligarh), Mohammad Adil from Meerut South, Vishal Verma from Ghaziabad, Gyanendra from Agra North, Harish Kumar from Debai (Bulandshahr), Banshi Singh from Khurja (Bulandshahr), Aslam Ali from Dhaulana in Hapur, Amar Pal Sharma from Sahibabad (Ghaziabad), Viresh Yadav from Arauli (Aligarh), Raj Kumar Bhati got from Dadri (Gautam Buddh Nagar), Rahul Yadav from Sikandrabad (Bulandshahr), Pankaj Kumar Malik from Charthawal (Muzaffarnagar), Madhusudan Sharma from Bah (Agra), Jafar Alam from Aligarh, Shahid Manzoor from Kithore (Meerut) and Sunil Choudhary from Noida.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath attacked the opposition SP, BSP and Congress, accusing them of giving tickets to “morons, criminals and rioters”. In a statement, the CM said these political parties brought back memories of the atmosphere of crime and riots that prevailed in the state before 2017 by fielding such candidates.

“The SP, BSP and Congress candidate lists have made it clear that this election will be ‘vikas and rashtrawad (development and nationalism)’ against ‘dangai, tamanchawadi aur mafiawadi (rioters, armed criminals and mafias)’.

Specifically targeting the Samajwadi party, Adityanath said it was a party of “terrorists and sympathizers of the rioters”. “By giving tickets to criminal elements, the SP has shown its intentions to bring back the days of gundaraj and dangaraj in the state… SP Chairman Akhilesh Yadav leaves no room to support criminals, rioters and terrorists . His party granted protection to Imran Masood who had made disparaging remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The party has given tickets to those who are in jail or on bail,” Adityanath said.

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